what BF %?

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    Dang, now that's the most precise assessment I've seen yet. Quite the skill you have there!
    And lighting really isn't the best in my room...
    yea you might be holding some water so i might be off by a view decimals LOL

  2. do the pinch test.

  3. i would be scared to see how crazy your gains would be if you had the time to dedicate to nutrition and complete training.. great work

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    Thanks! I've leaned out quite a bit in the past month... just haven't had much appetite, but it's working out ok I guess. My abs have always been my easiest part to maintain... guess I just got lucky there.
    damn your leaning down must be nice.. haha.. i've been "leaning" down and i'd sell my soul to the devil if a pizza would hinder my gains... and i've felt that way for at least 5 weeks


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