From 205 to 178, in 45 days.

  1. From 205 to 178, in 45 days.

    Ok so from fishing trip in Cabo to honeymoon cruise, what did i do?
    Slim Xtreme - 1 pill am
    Lean Xtreme- 1 pill am, 1 pill lunch

    205lbs in cabo

    Results - 205 to 178 in 45 days!

    lol last photo in cabin at 178lbs, i gained 10 lbs with all the awesome food and badass drinks on the ship!!

    Now was that not some crazy ****! I have not been under 200 lbs since I was in middle school! Slim Xtreme / Lean Xtreme Kick Ass Stacked!!

  2. Good progress, keep up the good work!
    PHF Rep


  3. Thanks bro! Im going to start bulking back up now, I reached my cutting goal but now that the fall season is approaching its time to gain weight!

  4. Good stuff bro, keep up the good work

  5. Hell ya Diesel Test Pro Cycle and JP8(grape) were waiting on me at home! Im starting JP8 today before hitting the gym and Ill start DTP tomorrow! I think Im going to run 2 bottles of this stuff in a row and see what happens! I want to get back to 220 before the end of the year.

  6. 220 before the end of the year? that'll be a little difficult unless you don't care how much fat you put on.

  7. crazy ****, care to shed some insight into what you did to lose it?

  8. haha Ya Im not getting to 220 before the end of the year, I just want to put some weight back on over the winter to regain strength lost from cutting.

    Diet, dropped to half of what I was eating at every meal,
    Changed workouts a few times, P/RR/ST training, Circuit training, 3-4 day splits.

  9. i need to lose me some fat

  10. ha, Im up to 191-195lbs, Im going to try to stay around 16-18% bodyfat as it will be easier to cut back down next year.

    Im running Juggernaut MD2 with DTP and JP8. I had taken 1 week of it last year and then stored the bottle. I figured I might as well run it and use it up.

  11. hey reps for great progress bro
    Back.... for real this time

  12. Thanks! Im hovering around 190-195lbs. Im going to try to stay around this level as my strength is coming back up.

  13. Great Progress i too was about 205 or so its taken me a lil longer been recomping but down to about 193 my final goal is hopefully 185 so getting there. Very very nice progress in 45 days though i am jealous.

  14. nice work

  15. Im already up to around 197-200lbs depending on what time of the day I weigh. Hovering around 18% bf, I am going to try and stay around this point as it will be easier to cut down next year.

  16. Good progress

  17. Thanks, Im going to start cutting next month but I need to figure out what Im going to stack LX with....

  18. Whew, Great work cutting!

  19. Good job broski! I can't get lower than 210! What was your training and diet like?

  20. Nice cut!

    But, watch the weight on the bulk. So many people just cycle between fat and thin without any significant muscle gain because it's become "dogma" that you've got to eat big to get big. The reality is, if you're getting fat you're eating too much.

    Keep that weight down and enjoy the lean physique you've sculpted. Maybe give yourself something reasonable like 1.5" of waist gain before you cut again, or something like that. But, "bulking" to 220lbs after being 178lbs just means you got fat.
    "I'm not fat, I'm big boned!"


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