Six Months Progress

  1. Six Months Progress

    April and May
    The top pics were from around April, bottom were from May. In early April my arms were measuring in at an (embarrassingly) small 13 or so inches.

    Here I am in June:

    And here I am today:

    [IMG]****30 161&stc=1&d=1254165197[/IMG]

    My arms are now around 14.25, I started doing DB presses at 45 per arm and did 90lbs (per arm) last night, definitely progressing well.

    I have never been able to make strong gains on my arms, my legs balloon if I walk 5 feet though! :/

    For perspective on my progress, I'm 175 or so right now but was a fat ass a few years back:

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  2. You look great!
    Could you tell me what supplements you have been using and for how long?
    Thanks for your help.

  3. Nice job, keep at it bro. what are u short, and long term goals. Also what does ur arm workout look like?

  4. Props on the gains brotha

  5. good progress

  6. Thanks guys!


  7. Looking good.. keep up the good work

  8. great progress bro!


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