the red baron from germany

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  1. the red baron from germany

    hi, my name is fabian and i am 24 years old.i had some experience working out between 2003 and 2005 which was followed by a nine month period of travelling and no working out.i have been lifting rather consistently from august of 2006, making continuous progress beginning november 2007.
    unfortunately i dont have any before pictures but would like to post some anyway, since i am also curious about my bodyfat percentage.
    so what do you guys think and how would you rate my bf% (i know that this cannot be estimated accurately but since i am incapable of objectively judging myself i would welcome some "guesstimates")

    best regards
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  2. 9.012111-10.3954%

  3. i knew something like that was coming :-)

  4. I don't know, but you're in great shape - good work!

  5. thanks a lot man :-)

  6. Solid.
    But cut your hair!

  7. i refuse!!!
    its my way of trying to create the illusion that i am not completely absorbed by obsessive vanity

  8. the hair makes the pic lol, everything looks solid, need more upper chest IMO

  9. thanks guys, and i agreee about the chest.unfortunately i had some nasty tendonitis between march and june this year which prohibited me from doing any proper pressing movements.i started physio at the end of june and it helped much more than i expected, also due to the fact that i finally realized that i had to accept being injured and take the proper measures to overcome it.
    but since i seem to have some biomechanical problem that seems to prohibit me from getting stronger on the bench and instead just leads to problems every time, i am going to avoid any kind of bench press until i feel i have built enough shoulder strength/stability/health.right now i am only doing push press and cable crossovers, and eventhough suboptimal, my chest is at least improving a little bit this way, of course not as well as it could be, but i hope some day i will be able to go at it with full force again.
    blablabla :-)

    anymore bodyfat guesses?i like those single digit ones, keep them coming...hehe

  10. patience is a virtue man, get healed first

  11. haha nice man

    but that haircut distracted me heaps. you'd def look more cut with a bit of tan though. Still nice job; reps!

  12. wow, my first rep points, cheers man.

    guess im gonna have to get it cut if i wanna have any chance at getting laid when i start uni in 4 weeks...haha

  13. i guess this would be better
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  14. haha

    good glamour shot mate

  15. im confused...your starting uni in 4 weeks? therefore your cutting your hair? therefore you wont get laid?? please explain

    (whats uni?)

  16. Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    whats uni?

  17. here is one from may this year, actually i have less muscle and more fat in that picture, but the lighting is better and i have a bit of a much of a difference pictures can make...
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  18. Nice build bro! Looking solid, what are your goals?

  19. looking nice! bodyfat??? under 10 for sure... but i don't even keep on track of my own bodyfat % when i go on diet...hahaha

  20. My first thought was....Carrot top lives in Germany now? haha. But seriously you look good mate, sub 10% bf id say with some good abbs.

  21. thanks a lot everybody.
    goals are really hard to define.constantly get better.gain muscle, strength, lose bodyfat.train for the rest of my life.get into a shape where i know i could be competitive and day be the best natural ever of all times haha.maybe look like frank zane.okay enough for the long term goals.
    short term a 200kg deadlift would be great and i want to be able to bench again without shoulder problems so i can build my chest a little more.
    besides that, achieve enlightenment or pretend having achieved it and have my devotees build me an ashram in which i can live and have people worship me and most of all cook and clean and loads of beautiful women...

  22. Sounds like a Good goal! The only problem I see how your going to lose more bodyfat...?? Are you going to start losing other peoples bodyfat?? lol

  23. well thats nice to hear man, but there is still a little bit here and there.i am generally not very hard/vascular, so i think to get the cuts i want to see i need to lose another 2% or so.also my good abs might make me look a bit more defined than i really am.i dont know, someone on a german message board actually guessed me to be 13% judging by my first picture.being a past anorexic when i get guesses between 6-13% i obviously choose 13 and feel like im too no its alright, thats a long time ago and over.
    yet when you consider that bodybuilding is nothing but reverse anorexia, then maybe the behavioural patterns havent changed all that much.

  24. thats cool you have a gym in your basement!


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