Sus500 cycle pics

  1. Sus500 cycle pics

    Check out these pictures..I'm 17 days in on a 35 day cycle of sus 500. I started out at 172 and I'm not at 181 but from the pictures I just look fatter. I feel stronger but don't look it, what do you think?
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  2. the first and third pictures are day 1

  3. how much are you doing? why only 35 days?

  4. nice man! whats your PCT? SERM? looking like

  5. Looking good man...

    No offense - but your abs are kind of funny. Like, they're popping well and show good definition but your stomach is still kind of bloated out some? It could be the angle of the pics but yeah, you do look a little bloated.


  6. who's on the couch??

    lookin' good dude!

  7. Your nipples look a little bit swollen. Might be just the pic, but make sure you don't develop gyno. (Not saying you have some yet)

  8. You have bb'ers abs man.. so wierd you look soo bloated yet you have a well defined pack :-S none the less just wait the whole cycle out and up the cals and intensity in the gym!!

  9. Looking good just make sure you PCT is stacked.

  10. looking jacked to me man, actually since you obviously have high metabolism, up those calories bro, you should be eating ~4k calories a day if your goal is to pack on bulk. make sure you have a SERM for PCT too


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