Pics & My Lifts - How am I doing?

  1. Pics & My Lifts - How am I doing?

    Just thought I would fire a quick message up with a few pics & questions
    (I have included a 'starting pic' so you can see where I have come from)

    (Sorry for poor quality pics - taken this morning on camera fone - I will try to get some better ones taken by the GF soon - Im not pumped or posed so apologises in advance)

    Quick history:
    Age 31 ... 5ft7" .... Currently 179pounds
    Used to play rugby - gained weight after stopping - got into BB'ing
    Started at 15.5stone (217pounds) ... Cut to 12.5stone (175pounds)
    Now lifting for size/strength&lean muscle

    Current Sups:
    Sci-Mx 100% Whey
    ALRI Primed (Pre-workout)
    STOKED (Test Booster)

    Thinking of doing a 'cycle' of H-Drol or P-Mag in the coming months.
    (Any thoughts on which is better for my goals - See above)

    I would like some constructive advice on my pictures & lifts please:

    MAX DUMBBELL BENCH - 80kgs (40kg DB each hand) X 5Reps
    MAX SMITH MACHINE BENCH - 100kgs X 8Reps
    MAX SQUAT - 100kgs x 5Reps
    MAX DEADLIFT - 110kgs x 5Reps (grip failled - straps just purhased)
    Attached Images Attached Images       

  2. Definitely some visible progress from the before picture. Keep up the good work

  3. looks good man.definitely can see the progress

  4. agreed, you are doing great man. keep up the good work. Whats up with the wheels though?

  5. Thanks for the comments and feedback.
    Nice to know im heading in the right direction and the changes are noticable.

    As for the wheels/legs ... I will post some pics up shortly.

    When I was play rugby my legs/thighs were massive - when I originally cut the weight mainly through running I think - my legs shrunk.

    Im now hitting Squats/Leg Presses/Deadlifts/calf raises & leg extensions hard to get them to grow ... trying the 5x5 to stimulate some growth & seems to be working for now :-)

    On a side note - I purchased my first set of straps for the deadlifts & added 20Kg to my lift straight off - Well Chuffed !!!

  6. good progress man! consistency is key, so dont give up!


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