One week away, I wanted to thank you guys for all the help

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  1. One week away, I wanted to thank you guys for all the help

    I just wanted to thank you guys for all the help I really had all but decided not to compete until I talked to you guys on here and got advice to keep going and now hopefully I can do well.

    Thanks again everyone, these are pics from 1 week out on the low carb part of my peak week.
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  2. Holy Crap!!! What're you, like 3% BF? That's crazy!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. I sure hope so.ha
    I feel like trash if that means anything. Thanks for the comments man

  4. looking seriously diced man.

  5. I don't know a whole ton about competing but does vascularity play a role in anything?

  6. Do a certain extent, as it does give you and illusion of being a lil bigger and leaner.

  7. thanks man, I asked this before but I didn't get on for awhile, in this show its a nga show, I am signed up for the novice, I talked to the promoter and he said that there are no weight limits in the novice class its just open for anyone who enters, would I be better to do the novice still, or would you say go and be the heaviest person in the lightweight class?

    Thanks for all the responses man you have helped me alot.

  8. Do the novice and the lightweight class...Ya never know man you may suprise yourself.

  9. the promoter said he only lets people choose one, the novice or the open.

  10. Novice.

  11. awesome thanks thats what I was thinking also

  12. This reminds me to lose some weight.

    Nice vascularity.

    So what has helped you lose fat well?

  13. Elbows too pointy...

    Nah man, nice job. Shredded! What's your current weight?

  14. That vascularity is outrageous.

  15. I've never seen train tracks like that on the shoulders and neck/traps before. Good stuff.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by MadeInCanada View Post
    I've never seen train tracks like that on the shoulders and neck/traps before. Good stuff.
    When you can take someone's pulse from the middle of their left or right trap, you know the vascularity is out of this world. Very Gaspari I must say.

  17. Yea, +2 on the vascularity. Crazy spider web, and awesome conditioning.

  18. Thanks a ton guys, I have been freakin out for awhile because im not extremly confident, but all the nice comments help me a ton.
    Thanks again and I hope things go well with this prep week.

  19. looking nice! u got some crazy veins and lines going on man! Of course vascularity counts. To me, it doesn't matter of placing and who beat who. It matters that u made it to step on the stage or not. All the competitiors who are on stage, they are all champions. Really.

  20. thanks for the comments, your right man its hard work for sure.

  21. DUDE! Amazing work. Very inspiring.

  22. You'll look a lot bigger with a tan...

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Chucke View Post
    DUDE! Amazing work. Very inspiring.
    second that.

  24. thanks guys, its getting stressful, its getting hard to fall asleep at night.ha

  25. Ya bud your lookin' great keep it up! Only 4 days to the show. After working out with ya for the past year I can appreciate all the work and dedication it's taken for you to get where you're at now. Just walk out there and win it man!!!


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