My starting pic need alil help

  1. My starting pic need alil help

    OK this is me. I am 5'9" i weigh in at 180. Judging by my pic how much body fat do you think I am packing??? 17%?? I am about to start my three month asteriod stack. (starting september 1)Im trying to be 175-180 at 6-8% body fat by the end of the three months. Possible or am i asking way to much? maybe fall down to 170 then try to bulk slowly Thanks also
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  2. looks like maybe high teens. trying to cut off that much bf without losing weight will be tough man! i think you'll be surprised you look at 8%bf and 165lbs though

    work hard and have fun! good luck with all your goals

  3. iwould guess between 15-17% ..can see some def. in the triceps and delts.. as far as your 3 month stack, and your goals, it's good to set them high. any improvements made from where you are now are positive. with some hard work, rest, a good diet and your stack, i think you will be very happy with the outcome. post some mid-way pics-

  4. hey guys thanks I have no idea wht 8% at 165 will look like. I am really hoping this will work as planned. Still need help on my diet. IM thinking

    meal 1
    1 cup oatmeal
    1/2 cup strawberris
    2 eggs

    meal 2 protein shake (jst store bought)

    meal 3 (lunch) chicken breast
    asparagus broclli sweet potatoe

    meal 4 NO IDEA

    meal 5 (dinner) chicken breast/red meat(workout days)
    veggies (brocili,sweet potato,asparagus)

    meal 6 NO idea maybe like a good sleep shake any ideas???


  5. i'd also say about 15%, good luck!

  6. 15% isnt that bad on gotta lose about 15lbs shouldnt be two hard keep size and strentgh will be. Hopefully the stack will net me a little gain in muslce (3-5lbs) with the fatloss


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