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  1. starting point PIC

    OK this is me. I am 5'9" i weigh in at 180. Judging by my pic how much body fat do you think I am packing??? 17%?? I am about to start my three month asteriod stack. (starting september 1)Im trying to be 175-180 at 6-8% body fat by the end of the three months. Possible or am i asking way to much? maybe fall down to 165 then try to bulk slowly Thanks also
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  2. I'd say about 16%-17% BF. If this is correct and you want to be 8% BF @ 180 you would need to change your body composition from 149lb lean/31lb fat to 165lb lean/15lb fat. Losing 15lbs of fat in 3 months is definitely possible with a good diet but gaining 16lb muscle at the same time is going to be near impossible.

    I would concentrate on losing the fat and using the Asteroid stack to help maintain your muscle on a calorie deficit diet and maybe gain 3 or 4lbs muscle at the same time.

  3. Thats what i was thinking Lose all the fat I can without sacaficing muscle. I think the asteriod stack will help with this very much. Then once i get down to the body fat percent i am looking for try the slow and steady approach. I am trying to reach my goal of 180 with 6-8% body fat by March. How many calories should i take in a day?

  4. Yeah... Somewhere between 16%-18%.

    FYI - this is in the wrong section, you want to post this in Pics.


  5. oo sorry i will post in pics now Thanks for the heads up



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