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  1. Cut Progress

    So i was much fatter then i accepted when i finished my bulk!

    heres start of cut... Pic1 dont remember date, Pic 2 may 19, pic 3 july 19, pic 4 aug 7 (day after 1100 carb refeed, 202.8 weight)

    start weight 236, weight now ~200

    still cutting im holding some water from the TTA and topicals as well
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  2. nice work mate

  3. im like 50% stronger then i was as well no strength loss what soo ever, maybe a little with the curls.

    still got maybe 4 weeks to go hopefull when i drop the water weight from TTA and topical ill be where i wanna be

    estimated BF? i have NO idea hoping around 10

  4. yeah, 10-12 maybe.

  5. cant find a good place in my house for pictures lol

  6. Anyone know how long for water retention from tta and topical clen takes to clear?

  7. great work man, you put in alot of hard work there.

  8. Hey reps for some great progress. If i could figure out how to get these pics off my phone I'd post progress too. Nice job.

  9. great job man...what kind of diet did you do? what kind of supplements did you take?

  10. diet is keto, and refeeds varied week by week along with carb intake and frequency

    PM me if you want to know supplements used.

  11. You know I'm proud of you!

  12. i know C uve been a great support since the beginning!!! thanks for everything!

  13. Damn man, you are giving me hope that I can hit my goals eventually. You are looking extremely lean now and I would love to get some tips. You are an inspiration!

  14. i know i wrote down my whole keto process in a thread once... gotta look for it and ill copy and paste it into here

  15. great work! very impressed!! not too sure how long you been going on for diet now but typically most of the water weight should come off within 4-6 weeks i believe... plus i can tell keto diet works great for ya since u tell didnt really lose that much of strength wise.. anyhow u look nice and trimmed!!

  16. Thanks yea man I definetly feel I'm holdin from the tta I dropped the dose from 2g to 1500. My burners have methyl TTA in it. Not sure of the moa of that tho

  17. newbie here, but damn good job bro! i would be stoked if i could cut like that! keto is money for ya!

  18. Keto can really be used to anyones advantage. TKD for endurance athletes
  19. Davidlee
    Davidlee's Avatar

    Looking good man!

  20. thanks

    can anyone else guess by BF?

    im working on getting under 10 at no less then 190

    refeed is on monday for me, weight is starting to dip a lil lower then id like 194.... so weight loss platau is gone! but i need to halt the process!

  21. great transformation. keep up the good work.

  22. Yea I'm much leaner now I dropped some water from refeed day well 14 pounds from refeed which is a net loss of 4 pounds. So weight loss is too much this week so refeed has to be monday to prevent me from losing any more

  23. Nice work man...How far you gonna take the diet ?

  24. Till sub 10. But I duno my body fat so until I'm happy?

  25. Yeah its hard to tell from online pics...Just go by the mirror more so than anything...Caliper readings don't mean much for the most part.

  26. sub 10 is when it starts getting tricky for me. it doesn't take much maintenance to be 10-11% but 8-9% takes quite a bit for me and 7% is about my lowest to date.

  27. Very nice transformation brother.. Keto diets are tough and it takes some getting used to if you are a carb craver like myself.. My hats off to you man, as I have been down the keto road and it was tough on me.. very tough.. Much respect

  28. Thanks. Yea I'm definetly reallly lean right now. I'm seeing veins by my ribs and lower stomach now and just feeling like I'm holdimg water from topical and the 1.5g of tta per day along with the methyl tta from vpx meltdown. I'm losing to fast this week tho so I really need this refeed. I went from losing a pound in 2 weeks to almost 5 this past 2 weeks. So refeed then back to normal with an extra 5g fat per meal


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