off season 2008..

  1. off season 2008..

    Now.. the off seson pic of early 2009 actually..
    210 lbs.. big and happy.. can't you tell?? lol
    Anyhow.. fourtunately or not, putting mass on was not a problem for me
    ever since i started weight training.. but i guess my goal now is gain more lean mass try not to put that much fat on.. basically keeping cardio on my off season too i guess...
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  2. looking nice and full.. ya, it's tough to find that happy medium of being thick and full, but also maintaining some vascularity and some definition. i think alot of that comes with muscle maturity, and just having that lean muscle mass that you get from years and years of training... keeping a few cardio sessions in there will help the bodyfat from getting too high. enjoy your off season, i know i am..

  3. u definitely know how i feel bro!!
    enjoying the off season for sure i and peanut butter again haha
    now i am in some quest of how to adjust the carbs in the off season up to level of not put too much fat on... pretty tough actually.. taking up to around 250-300 grams/day ( i know, but i am not a really big eater, to be honest. which is why i don't mind to go for low carbs in the season and get moody.) but stomach giving me upset already.. crap..

  4. damn man, you look mean in that pic lol.

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