From 225 to 205, 8 months..

  1. From 225 to 205, 8 months..

    On a Sport fishing trip in Cabo, Last week.

    This is a real workout! 140+lbs of muscle! We let him go!

    300+ pounds of Protein!

    Mmmmm fresh crab!

    About 8 months ago... I think... lol lost track of time.

    Anyone got a BF% ? I have lost a lot of my gut but this last bit is stubborn as hell! This was all Diet and training, no weight loss supp's used, just normal creatine/protein. I have lost a lot of upper body strength cutting but not too much lower body. Anyone have any good supp ideas for boosting muscle growth/recovery that I wont have to run a pct with?

  2. I don't know bf% very well.. but i'd say like 15? anyway, was it a typo or did it really take you 8 months? Did you just start working out and not change your diet? Gotta slash your carb intake and hit the cardio to lose that stubborn fat stores. I'm currently cutting, it's tough but the results are worth it!

  3. Start working those wheels mate - they're your largest muscle groups and burn a lot of cals.

    . .Big body skinny legs is so Warner Bros mate, you dont want to look like a goon!

  4. It was probably more like 5 months ago... but yes I have switched workout routines from power lifting 3 days a week to a 4-5 day split. I have been working on my diet and still dont have it down yet. I do leg work outs, squat 315 for 8-10 and deads 365 for 6-8. My main problem has been keeping a clean diet on the weekends! Ill do great mon-thrus but Fri-Sun whoa... I also have not been doing any cardio at all! Im going to force myself to get on a elliptical again. Thanks for the input bros!

  5. keep it up!

  6. Good progress bro , but this thread makes me want to go fishing more than anything hahaha


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