Alright heres my cut progress

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  1. AAwww yes,

    We now sit back and look at the road traveled and enjoy the destination!

    Good job

  2. Quote Originally Posted by JIXXER View Post
    AAwww yes,

    We now sit back and look at the road traveled and enjoy the destination!

    Good job
    road traveled and not enjoyed for me at least

  3. Outstanding bro. U deserve the props ur getting. Your proof of what one can do when they lay down their excuses and just F'n Do It!!! Continued success to ya man!!!

  4. lookin good homie

  5. Wow, great results mate. I am @ where your beginning photo was and hope to get a similar result. Congrats.

  6. nice results

    keep us with more infomations

    i have question what is "DCP" ? do you have link for it?

    regards from Poland

  7. That's amazing!! Congratulations, you look great!! It only took 3 months? Did you do any T-3 or Clen? Would you mind sharing your diet a bit? I'm very impressed by your cut - good job!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Fatal Wisdom View Post
    From 184 to 155.. tooka bout 3 months, but my diet wasnt HARDCORE and i missed cardio days etc

    Cardio on off days was 15 min of HIIT, and on gym days, It was 15 minutes incline walking after I was done.

    honestly I ate cottage cheese and tuna all the time lol

    I stacked Leviathan reloaded DCP, tea green extract, sesamin oil, and Alpha lipoic acid.
    Good job, it just proves that you dont' have to be militant and to the "T" to get results, be consistent and listen to your body, Really impressive cut.

  9. Biceps look like they got bigger o.O
    Very nice cut though, lookin good, nice vascularity on forearms

  10. lookin sick.. that is exactly what I want to look like lol

  11. nice bro looking forward to trying this. how was your diet?

  12. great job dude ripped and shredded!

  13. Impressive cut dude, thanks for posting

  14. Crazy transformation good job bro! Dedication

  15. Kick ass transformation. .....DON'T FU*k IT UP!

  16. Excellent work g. Takes dedecation.
    Be carefull with ur bulk take it slow. U got till june.

  17. Fantastic job!
    Good luck with your recomp.

  18. Wow great progress

  19. Very inspiring. ....great job man

  20. Bump on your cardio work and diet?

  21. 3 months!? Damn impressive!

  22. Strong work!
    Check out my videos here:
    Currently doing starting strength with IIFYM 70/160/200 F/C/P
    Wanting to get down to at least 10 % BF by August 2014

  23. Quote Originally Posted by brian101883 View Post
    Awesome results, but dude come on 3 months. I highly doubt that. I am a personal trainer and I have never seen results like that so quick. But not taking away from the hard work you did to get there, just think the time is a little off. But nice job dude
    Bro come on I mean I see where you're coming from but at 20 yrs old he never should have been that out of shape to begin with. Natural test levels are sky high at that age. If he wasn't able to cut like that in 3 months i would suggest he see a doctor because something is off. Now if he was late 20's or 30's I would say he 100 percent was using more than he's telling people. Still a chance he was using stuff he's not saying but that's just the game. Ppl want to be seen as doing things all natural because they get more praise. Congratulations on getting yourself healthy OP

    EDIT: who the **** cares this thread is almost 6 years old quit bringing threads like this back!


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