Gyno or No Gyno?

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    quick question...I think I have very little gyno, could I take Nolva say 10/10/ or 20/10 to get rid of it??? what do you think? Im going to a cycle in a few weeks and wanna make sure Im good!
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  3. and so the war the of the smileys begins. ha J/K

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    and so the war the of the smileys begins. ha J/K
    here's a smiley for ya........i win!
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  5. oh nice mooch. Is that you ?

  6. no silly....its the hoff!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    no silly....its the hoff!
    I know that I was being sarcastic.
    Although I bet you keep a whole library of pictures that you take of yourself in a banana hammock.

  8. no library.....i got em all on a disc!!!!

  9. Oh you know you can probably store a whole lot more on a back up hard drive.
    I am leaving work! everyone have a good weekend


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