my year progress..

  1. my year progress..

    1st pic is from 08.. 2nd pic is about 7+ months ago on a cut.. And last one was taken a week or so ago...

    I went from 155 in 08, benching probably 175 and squatting like 275.. Up to 305 in bench and squatting 375 in bench.. Weighing 180ish right now.
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  2. Davidlee
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    Great results man! Whats ur diet look like?

  3. nice bro you put on a nice pair of shoulders there

  4. great progress!

  5. cycle???

  6. jim623
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    Very nice indeed, keep up the great work bro!

  7. Wow, thats some sick progress bro...good job

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    ^^^^ x2 reps for wheels

  9. great job, def. looking good

  10. Awesome work, some serious effort gone into that....

  11. Great job man, any cycles over the year ?

  12. Foundation is everything! No wheel shots, making this thread incomplete. But yes, great progress you made with the upper body, dude.

  13. Nice work


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