7 week cut progress

  1. 7 week cut progress

    started at about 198 lbs... it's been about 7 weeks.. i've lost 11 lbs...

    i'm keeping diet at 300 grams of protein a day... fat at around 40 grams a day.. and carbs are prolly around 150 a day ( i dont monitor these closely but i cut out all pasta and bread)

    first pic is around 198 lbs.. second is at 194.. .third is at 187
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  2. here are some pics from the side.. easier to tell progress.. the second is a little blurry.. i didn't take one at 198 from the side.. wish i did
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  3. nice bro solid woork!!!!
    cuting is the hardest part!!

  4. thanks man.. i'm thinking about a "the one" cycle in a month or so.. didn't i see you run one?

  5. You're looking good bro.. Keep at it..

  6. great progress bro! keep it up !

  7. Good job poppy... while ur at it clean up ur room

  8. Nice progress man! Cutting sucks! I have been cutting for the last 15 weeks or so now and am down 28lbs. I am so ready to be done with this and start upping the cals!

  9. no tattoo in the first pic

  10. Nice cut dude!

  11. you guys are commenting on stuff from like 2 yrs ago.. haha.. but thanks for the comments anywas

  12. Hard work pays off! Good work man, keep it up!

  13. Good job gettin supa lean !


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