new pics

  1. new pics

    after a few m1t cycles and doing doggcrapp's and iron addicts routines. 5'9" at 197lbs and bulking. hoping to be over 200 easily by say april


  2. oh yah, just hit 1 full year of working out

  3. 2g looking big bro. I have no doubts you will hit your goal soon.

  4. Definitely good for a year of working out. It never fails, day in and day out, for me to see someone who's been working out at the gym just as long if not longer than I have and they look the same as the first day I saw them. It's good to finally see someone who seems like they actually have a clue what they're doing. Also, you say you're 197lbs now and hope to be over 200lbs by April? Over 200lbs is only 4lbs away bro, you'll hit that in no time.

  5. Looking strong. Also gave me Army flashbacks looking at the background in those pics

  6. i no but i mean clearly over it, everyday. ie 205. so no matter what time of day i weigh in i'm over 200. so close to 10lbs would be nice. its doable i think. i go through about 10lbs of protein a month lately. since i live in northern MN i'm now starting my tanning going to be time to trim up around april

  7. Look great.

    If you only have 1 year of lifting under your belt then you have great things to come.

  8. Nice striped undies, I bet you kill all the ladies with those

    You are looking great man.

  9. i hope so size. i started a year ago around 170 or 175. i really can't remember because i was just trying to get cut and wasn't paying attention to weight so much, but i know i was going nuts when i hit 180. so a min of almost 25lbs this year. size i am just lucky to start with good genetics. this is my 15 year old brother who doesn't take anything, not even protein he's 160lbs in that pic


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