attack of the "FATMAN"

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  1. attack of the "FATMAN"

    Hey guys,

    New guy checking in here. I am a 30 yo fatass! hee hee, anyway used to have my head in the game but same old story, got married had kids started career, got old got fat. got divorced "glorious day!!" now I have my head back in the game. this pic is six weeks ago weighing in @ 339 lbs. still have alot of mass hiding behind the slabs of fat. For the last six weeks been hitting it hard, Did a four week stand alone cycle of m-1-t, using diet boost and light cardio. diet was not completely clean but averaged 300g of protein and tried to keep carbs below 100g daily. I am now 2 weeks post cycle and am down to 320lbs one pant size and alot harder. if calculations are correct I added 12 lbs of lean mass and dropped from 33.5% BF to 28% BF. still have a long way to go, but I am just glad to be back in the game. feeling GREAT!
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  2. Good job, keep the deit clean any you will see results.. but great job so far..

  3. pic from today

    This was today, six weeks after starting. 2 weeks post m-1-t cycle. starting new cycle next week.

    week one and week two:
    200mg 4AD twice daily every twelve hrs. transdermal

    weeks three through six:
    200mg 4AD twice daily every twelve hrs. transdermal. approx. 400mg total
    10mg M-1-t twice daily every twelve hrs . oral. 20 mg total

    Supplementing cycle with flax oil, potassium, C,E, multi, glucosamine, creatine.

    bumping protein to 400g keeping carbs below 200g.


    40mg nolva week one
    30mg nolva week two
    20mg nolva week three and four

    supplementing PCT with hawthorne berry and milk thistle and continuing with cycle supplements as well as protein intake.
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  4. Special thanks go out to TRAPARK666 he's owner of the gym my partner and I work out at, he hooked me up with this site and has help emmensely with my cycle planning.

  5. Good job mate.

    I would strongly encourage you to get involved with an overall healthy diet rather than just the idea of cutting carbs or other diet ideas.

    Read this: My approach

    Post I wrote about how I approach things.

  6. Size,

    I agree totally with your post that you linked. I myself have made it my priority to change my lifestyle-for me, not to snag ass on the weekends, not to impress friends, but for me. I have dealt with a weight issue from young age due to an affliction called APT. I had very thin blood walls and was treated with a miriad of drugs at a very young age. everything is repaired. but I am left with the eternal battle of the fat. But to further complicate it, I let myself go and became lazy and complacent. I now know it is time for a change. The lifestyle changes I have made thus far have greatly impacted my life both mentally as well as physically. but as stated earlier I FEEL GREAT! and I realize that with more hard work and dedication that it can only get better. I HAVE made that choice and I don't plan to stray from the path. I am not hung up on the bodyfat calculators or the fad diets, I too go with how I feel and plan accordingly. My meal plans although not fully clean due to time constraints, are well thought out and very evenly balanced.

  7. by the way, thanks for the link it was a great read!

  8. I am really glad to hear that you "feel great".

    Feeling great and being happy with yourself is what it should be all about.
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  9. Great job Neb! Keep up the good work!

  10. Hell yeah, good luck luck on your transformation brother.

  11. Awesome work, keep on truckin!

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  12. Thanks guys, I'll keep you updated.

  13. Keep It Up Bro

  14. Great job, and good to see your getting back into it

    I would like to say one thing...IMO you should work on getting clean eating habits incorporated into your life, before even starting on any supps other then vitamins etc.

    I think at this point your goal should be making sure you ARE really into getting back into do this I don't think taking anything like M1t is your best bet at this point..I mean even if you wait 6 months, you will be happy you did.

    When you are taking this stuff, blood pressure can be a concern etc., and being somewhate of a high bf% and and being "out of it" for a while Id say ease back into it and make sure you have your priorities straight.

    I know most want instant gratification, but the gratification you will get by waiting to do any kind of ph's etc will be much better...b/c you know you did it all on your own, with your own Will and determination. You might actually get into the mindset that you can't accomplish things WITHOUT being on some kind of "assistance"

    none the less, great to see your getting involved again, and best of luck.

    IMO your priorites right now are
    1.) changing eating habits
    2.) incorporating more cardio (light to moderate, 45min - hour)
    3.) changing your day to day habits..such as going home after work and gettng a beer and putting on judge judy for ex......instead come home from work and relax and unwind by making some healthy lunches/snacks to bring to work for the week..that will help big time


  15. well, all is still good. hitting the cardio hard still, and the iron harder. fat loss seems to have tapered off a bit. weight still hovering around the 320 mark. starting to show small hints of vascularity. still eating clean keeping carbs low. the 4ad seems to give me a little extra zip, almost like a light ephedrine boost. I LIKE it!! also started on Swole V2. and man I can definitely tell the difference with this stuff, combined with the 4ad the pumps I have been getting are nothing less than awesome!

  16. Awesome to hear, although your weighloss itself has tapered down, how is the beltline etc. doing? I always prefer to use those while "on" and cutting since they seem to be the most accurate way of judging fatloss for me then.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  17. seems to be shrinking little by little, not yet another size down but it's getting there.
  18. calves gettin bigger

    well it's been a few weeks, everything is going good. still slowly, i mean slowly losing fat, getting a little thicker here and there, calves are growing like mad! gotta love the wheels!

  19. Calves are looking good
  20. Talking New measurements



    forearms- 14.5"

    Quads- 26.5"

    All were measured with string and tape measure method, with string pulled tight. I am sure the measurements will decrease after the layer of flab is dissolved away, but hell by then I should have a lot more mass built up to offset the size loss from losing the layer of blubber.

  21. Heh, reminds me of when I first got into lifting. I was cutting because i was pretty large (5'10, 225, but the only muscles i had were lower body). I've always had better calves and quads than people I know that have much larger upper bodies, and I always figured it was because I had to walk my fat ass around for so many years. Anyway, nice work bro. Keep at it, the results are definitely worth it.


  22. Great job Neb...I can see a difference between the 2 photos in the waist...Muscle memory is a beatiful thing,keep it up Neb..This forum has a great bunch of guy's and I have found no matter where your starting point is,for the most part you will get great support...Keep us posted.

  23. Keep the hard work.

  24. Well, it's been ten day's. and for the last week I have been stuck out of town. the Hotel gym SUCKS! I found one pretty nice place but they wanted a $100 deposit and $48 for a one week membership. So I am stuck with the hotel gym, wich consists of an old stairmaster, a sit down pedal contraption, one treadmill directly under a TV with a broken channel changer so it permanently stuck on some womans network crybaby station. It does have a window that looks into the pool, and there have been a few hotties dipping in the hot tub... mmm hmmm. but all in all this week has sucked!! haven't been able to eat clean due to time constraints, have only been able to hit the treadmill and the pedal bike thing. I also had a brain fart on Tuesday night, and went to a local club for Fat Tuesday and entered an arm wrestling contest. Took second place out of sixteen guys, not bad I thought. The guy who won it was flippin ripped. sportin 20's for guns easily. but it was fun.

  25. Well, I'm back home. great to be back to my own gym. today's workout was great, hit the cardio really hard. did a light leg workout and then burned up my calves.


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