ride the wave with the dude!

  1. ride the wave with the dude!

    Yeah well.. I guess its my turn to post pics. Currently 5'7 1/2, 168lbs... not sure on BF, i try to stay fairly low.. tryin HARD to get to 180, and hoping to get all of it in my legs, lol. BUT the summer cutting cycle is about to begin, so kinda gauging on what I look like now and in 2 months..Anyway... here we go...

  2. Looking good bro, but honestly, you don't need to cut. If I were you I'd skip the summer cutting and sit down at the table and EAT! "Don't think, don't feel. Just shove that **** down."

  3. bump to DT, no need to cut IMO either. Just go on lots of picnics.

  4. Cut for what, bro you still have plenty of time to run another bulker.

  5. well.. for being an endo, gaining the weight isnt the problem. It's gaining the RIGHT weight is whats killin me. Kinda having a phobia of gettin *too fat* doesnt help either, haha. Damn chunky kid days.

    I guess i'll experiment a little more with my cals and go from there.

  6. heh, you have a long time before the fat will even be on anyones tougue man! Lookin strong good luck.


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