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  1. Estimated BF

    Respect all

    I'm unable to get hold of a body fat machine, any people with experience estimate my body fat?

    I am 5 feet 11 inches tall

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  2. You look like you are about 11 or 12% to me. It is very difficult to tell what a person's BF is by just looking at pictures though.

  3. I'd say somewhere from 10-12 as a guess, and i'd lean towards the low end other than from the pics you don't look too vascular. so many things contribute to that though that its hard to say if it matters

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  5. id def say around 11-12...

  6. 13-14% or so...look solid man

  7. 11.38% . . . Good job bro, keep at it

  8. 11 is my guess.
  9. jim623
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior View Post
    11.38% . . . Good job bro, keep at it
    11.385% haha.

    Pretty solid bro, keep at it.

  10. Well I know what I look like at 14 and at 10 so ima say 11 ish as well.

  11. 13...

  12. My bodyfat is 13% measured with a caliper, maybe this will give you an idea:

    Rate my 2yrs 9mth progress!!!

  13. 12-14%

    Good shape. Are you bulking or cutting?
  14. Davidlee
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    88.52 -55 + 6 - 28.52 = Your Estimate BF%
    Would you like your bmr?


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