8 Weeks - Before/After Pics

  1. 8 Weeks - Before/After Pics

    I've been inconsistent with my workouts the past year and in the past was focused on staying thing - about 3 years ago I was fat at 245ish, if I knew then what I knew know I would have used it to go mass instead of so lean!!!

    Anyways... The top pics were taken at the start of April, the bottom were from tonight, both pics were right after I was working out.

    I travel a ton for work so I can't work out as consistently as I'd like but lately, whenever I can I've been going at it as hard as possible.

    I tried linking to my workout and diet but this forum won't let me link to it till I hit more posts... If you're interested just search on my screen name.

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  2. Great results man! You really leaned out quite a bit keep up the good work! Im really interested to see what the diet looked like

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    Looking superb mate! You can definitely see some gains there. I'd love to see the diet too

  4. Definitely see more mass on the arms and lats, what I can see of them

  5. jeeezz great job, I'd love to see the diet as well
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  6. Manhattan... stand up.

  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    I started keeping a food diary recently, here is what I eat on an average day:

    Wake up - drink a full glass of water as soon as I wake-up - I've read this is supposed to get your metabolism going right away. I drink water throughout the day but I've read that this first glass matters the most.

    6:45 Protein Drink 140 Calories
    8:00 Protein Drink 280 Calories
    9:30 Creatine 310 Calories
    9:30 Recovery Drink 80 Calories
    9:30 Breakfast - Eggs or an English Muffin with Flax Oil 100-200 Calories
    11:00 Random Snack 100 Calories
    12:30 Wrap 50 Calories
    12:30 Turkey or something similar 120 Calories
    12:30 Hummus 200 Calories
    3:00 Nuts or something similar 100 Calories
    4:00 Protein Drink 280 Calories
    6:00 Shrimp or Chicken or something similar with vegetables 700 Calories
    8:00 Random Snack - 50-100 Calories

    Average: 2500 Calories

    In pretty much every meal I eat - from breakfast to dinner - I'm adding in a good amount of hot pepper or hot sauce. I absolutely love hot food and as an added bonus have read allot about it boosting your metabolism; once again, this isn't why I do it, just a nice side effect.

    My food intake goes between 2200 and 2700 calories per day. I travel a ton for work so it's hit or miss on the kind of food I'm going to get but I never breakdown and go for fast food! If I can't find decent food I'll generally just go to a local grocery store and buy food for a week and make wraps throughout the week in my hotel.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TimberLakers View Post
    Manhattan... stand up.

  9. And for a better before after...

    I went from a size 46-48 to a 30-31. Fast food is not your friend!
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  10. Barring light and posture differences, look at the distinction between the first and last, with your collar bone. Very impressive =]

  11. Where you work out in the city? You an Equinox man?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TimberLakers View Post
    Where you work out in the city? You an Equinox man?
    I have a decent gym in my building, nothing to special but it gets the job done right now.

    I live over in Hells Kitchen.

  13. It's been about a month since my last pics...

    I'm still hovering right under 180, I'm about to start a cycle of Spawn and see what it does for me - wanted to get a "before" shot as I'll be starting tomorrow.
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  14. That is solid progress!!! Subbed to see the after pics. Best of luck on your cycle.

  15. good job man - congrats on getting healthy first off, then on the muscle gains next.

    I'll be watching to see how the spawn cycle works for you.


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