3 Month Progress

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  1. good progress man keep it up

  2. where is this video of a 405 squat? i dont want to doubt you, but im 5'11" / damn near 6' and have pretty large legs (26") and cant get nearly that much. then again i also have a bad lower back, but still, 405 is very impressive if its actually parallel

  3. I'm calling flake on this one..

  4. pics don't match stats. jus sayin

  5. Haha stats are a joke.

    Total bs.

  6. ummm yeah I can't even get anywhere close to those numbers

    but hey more power to you if you can....

  7. HHAHAHAH...This log makes me giggle!!!


  8. lol you guys dont hate.. at his size with those numbers he will be an o.limp. ic champ on the tv. and we will be sitting here felling dumb. or with those running times in the nfl. im just saying dont be mad he is a genetic FREAK. p.s im 230lbs and bench 900 POUNDS vids coming NEVER

  9. lol thats not that fast of a 40 time esp for a tall kid, the tall ones can always run fast because of stride length NFL did a study like increase stride length one inch per step and it cuts a tenth off your 100 time. a kid that tall compared to me probably gets a good 6 inches longer stride, and i push some pretty decent 40 times. Im just boilin til spring anyways yea BS on stats, my buddy squats 405 in highschool he plays football, hes 5 7 ish and like 235 and build like a **** brick house... and hes all natural too. not a skinny kid like this^ long legs = even harder to squat, loook at his bench same with his arms. i almost dont believe that bench lookin at his arms.

  10. Good progress regardless, stats might be a little exaggerated.


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