My body transformation in progress.............

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  1. My body transformation in progress.............

    Hi everyone. Kingjmack here. I wanted to show everyone what iv'e been up to for the past 6 months. I've dabbled in weightlifting for about 14 years off and on (WAYYY more off time than on). A few years back, I decided that I wanted to bulk up. Well, I did. I had way to much bodyfat to begin even trying to bulk in the first place so almost all the weight I put on was fat because I was eating like a pig, and only working out a couple times a week. After breaking up with my ex-girlfriend of 3 years this past december, I had finally decided that I was sick and tired of being fat and I was finally going to do something about it. My stats in december looked something like this:

    Age - 33
    Height - 5'8"
    Weight - 240-250lbs
    BF % - I'm guessing around 30-35%

    Here are some pics from 2005: 240lbs

    Here are a couple of pics from last year: 250lbs

    Here are some pics from a few minutes ago: 180lbs

    The journey from 250 down to 180 wasn't an easy one, but it was a very rewarding one. I went from wearing size 38 pants down to 30's. From having to wear XL shirts to hide my fat, down to a med (and i don't even have to suck my gut in). Hell, in the past week, I've recieved more compliments on my body that I have my whole life!! It's freakin awesome!! Friends who haven't seen me in a few years are shocked at how much weight I've lost, and the compliments from the ladies are going to cause my ego to go through the roof.

    When I first decided that I wanted to lose some weight, the first thing I did was quit eating huge meals before I went to bed. I did this for a few weeks, then I cut out eating at fast food joints. Then I cut out the sodas. I still wasn't working out at this point, but I was losing some weight. When I moved out from my ex's in december was when I really kicked it into high gear. I moved about 30 miles closer to my job which freed up alot of time due to driving. I had NO excuses not to work out because I'm only 4 miles from work, and the gym is in between work and home. The best part is that the company I work for pays ALL the employee's gym fees. Starting in early january was when I started eating super clean, working out 4 days a week, and doing cardio 3 days a week.

    When I was started to diet, I cut my calories down to around 2000/day and ate pretty much the same thing EVERY day from then until now. My diet looked something like this.

    Breakfast: Plain oatmeal and egg whites
    Post workout: Homemade protein shake
    B4 work: half a energy bar.
    1st break: 1 slice bread w/about 4oz chicken
    Lunch: Chicken and rice w/ veggies
    2nd break: Usually some almonds and fruit
    3rd break: Chicken and rice w/ veggies
    B4 bed: Cottage cheese or a Casein shake (it just depended on how hungry I was)

    During this time, I had drank alcohol only once. Other than that, the only things I had to drink were water, unsweet tea, or crystal light. The reason I ate the same thing every day was because it just made it easier to plan my meals and keep track of how many calories I was taking in. I only started to have 1 cheat meal a week about a month ago.

    I work a 2nd/3rd shift schedule (5pm-5am) so I work out before work. The days I work out (Mon-Thurs) haven't changed, nor have I changed what bodyparts I work out on those days. Sometimes I would switch up what exercises I do for different bodyparts.

    My weight training looked like this:
    Monday - Chest & Biceps
    Tuesday - Back & triceps
    Wednesday - Legs & abs
    Thursday - Shouldersm Traps, and Calves

    My cardio went like this:
    Friday - 2hrs on treadmill (alternating between walking and jogging)
    Saturday - 2hrs on treadmill (alternating between walking and jogging)
    Sunday - 2hrs on treadmill (alternating between walking and jogging)

    I have met and surpassed the first goal I set for myself which was to get down to under 200lbs.

    My goal now is to start eating enough calories to maintain my weight, but still keep the cardio to lose a bit more bodyfat. I'll do this for probably about 2 months.

    The goal I will start after that is lean bulking. When it's all said and done, I'd like to weight about 200lbs with around 8-10% bf. There is not really a timeline for this goal yet.

    One side goal is to post up new pictures in this thread every month to show everyone what I've been up to. Well, its time to do some laundry now so I gotta go.

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  2. One more thing I want to work on is getting a slight tan to better show muscular definition.

  3. good stuff! awesome results

  4. Wow, amazin results, congratulations!

  5. great progress! keep up the hard work, as u can already see it will definitely pay off

  6. Thanks everyone. I gotta drink this coffee so I can hit the gym hard today. After sitting down and really looking at these pictures next to each other, it has only renewed my motivation to train as hard as I can and stick to the diet.

  7. Wow man thats impressive. You went about this in a well thought out manner and effective way. Props. Keep it up
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  8. Great results. Looks like you busted your ass and it paid off. Congrats.

  9. Amazing Job !!!

  10. Very nice progress man keep up the good work

  11. awesome dude, I'm happy 4 u bro! Keep up the good work! I went from 214 to 170 myself. Took 3 years to do it, but I'm there. Lol, now I wanna put it back on. Quality weight this time however!

  12. Excellent job, that was hard work, dedication, and discipline. That is truly a transformation.

  13. Damn bro thats fxcking awesome! Keep up the good work.. and thats completely motivational... im losing weight now but i wasnt sure i could ever lose my love handles and lower back fat and i think you just proved a point to me! Thanks for the motivation! Reps coming your way!

  14. wow you look like a new man 10 years younger

  15. Great work brother! keep up the good work,hard work pays off and it it shows good luck in your training.

  16. You look great dude. You have totally whipped my ass on fat to fit in a much shorter timeframe and better results. By the way, with them tats to go along with the stacked build you look straight up UFC fighter. Awesome progress!

  17. you went sick man. good sh*t.
  18. keeper
    keeper's Avatar

    Wow, congrats. That is totally motivating.

  19. good job bro, killer lookin back to. im tryin to work on mine!!

  20. Really Good Results!

  21. Wow, great job
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  22. great job!
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  23. good job man... along with the tan add in a shave haha

  24. AWESOME transformation!! Very impressive man! Your is just straight nasty!!
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  25. back and legs look awesome


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