My body transformation in progress.............

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  1. This thread is completely inspirational, dude AWESOME results. Big props to you for stickin to it and doing it.

  2. I'll add yet another WOW. This really does inspire me, I'm the same height starting at the same weight and this really puts things in perspective for me. I'm lifting 3x week and do cardio 1hr in the morning (Work nights also 4 - 12:30) and then 30 - 45min pwo.

    Do you have any breakdowns of how much you were eating (total calories/protein/carb/fat for the day? )

  3. awesome job mulatto ! Muy bien ! I noticed you do NOT take any supplements. Why not ?

  4. wow.... amazing progress.

  5. awesome transformation!

  6. Nice job man, congratulations you look fantastic. I'm on quite a jorney myself, started at a puny 175lb bulked for 11 months to 255lb now 65 days into my cut 226.8. Hard work pays off

  7. Your back is looking killer man!

    Keep up the hard work you are doing a great job!

  8. Great work!!

  9. congrats bro. that is an awesome transformation

  10. Keep on killing it in the gym man you are doing great!

    Just to get your opinion on this, but do you find it easier to bulk up having come from being a big guy? It seems I can easily bulk up but the cutting down is alot harder for me (former big guy myself)


  11. I just noticed we have the same haircut

    I'm not sure the op still posts here
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  12. AWESOME transformation!!

  13. Very Nice job Man.


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