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    New to the forum. I have been in and out of lifting for 8yrs now. I started in 2000 at 127lbs, today I am at 160. Here are some pics from today with no lifting. Very clean diet as well. I am on a 5 day split for now with 5x5 lifting. Looking for some constructive criticism one the area I need to work on. Sorry for the Camera Phone.



  2. nice work buddy..think u need some bi/tri work as well as traps..back chest shoulder and legs look good 2 me

  3. Quote Originally Posted by qnzlilshotta View Post
    nice work buddy..think u need some bi/tri work
    Everything else looks great.

  4. Thanks bro, My arms have always been hard to get big. I don't naturally have a lot of muscle there. As for my traps.... I have been doing DB shrugs for every it seems, with correct form. I need to find something to shock them into growth!

  5. You're bulking with 2500 calories a day? That's not being a hard gainer, that's very poor nutrition.

  6. Welcome to the forum brother! SEMPER FI!

  7. Rugger, How is that poor nutrition? I eat approx 100carbs a day, 175grams of protein, smallest amount possible of fat. I dont have any empty carbs or fat snacks. I ensure I get a good source of potassium, as well as calcium. Please explain.


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