progress pics before/after short cyc

  1. progress pics before/after short cyc

    Heres some progress pics. I'm still not close to where I'm gonna be but its been a good ride so far. I ran a 4 wk epistane cycle that helped slightly but for the most part its been natural gains/dieting right

    before pic was in November, I was around 165 lbs

    after pic was a couple of weeks ago, weighed in at 182 lbs
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  2. Upperbody definitely looks alot fuller

  3. Nice gains bro!

  4. thanks.. i didnt take any leg/quad pics this time around but theyve grown a bit too.

  5. Very nice job! work those delts a little more!

  6. Very solid.

  7. Definately see some improvement! Keep it up man, FOOD FTW!

  8. thanks for the comments guys.. ill try and post some more in a couple months. Im hoping to be a solid 190 lbs by May

  9. Look alot fuller

  10. looks good bro,keep up the hard work!

  11. arms look bigger. Pecs look more solid. Delts looking good. Good job


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