bulking .. whats my bf?

  1. bulking .. whats my bf?

    didn't take these pics w/ intent for posting.. so they aren't the same size or anything but..

    the first one was from last july.. at about 170lbs.. i think
    the last one was a couple of weeks ago.. 190lbs

    i'm hoping to go to 210

    what do ya'll think on bf?... i'm guessing 12-14%

    be honest.. i can take it
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  2. That's a pretty good guesstimate. I'd say 12-14%...we have kind of the same frame...I'll have to get pics up soon.

  3. i have calipers... but.. i'll test myself and it'll tell me that.. and then i'll do it again and say 9%.. which i KNOW is NOT true.... so i go with the higher one.. hopefully i can get to 210 and keep it around 16%.. and then maybe cut down to a leaner 195.. maybe be at around 8-10%... i'm at the end of my first week of a 5 week hdrol cycle now.. hopefully that'll get me close to my 210..

    hope so.. cause if it doesn't.. i wont make it.. haha

  4. That should get you there as long as your diet and training is in check.

    Enjoy your cycle.

  5. Looking good bud



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