Transformation fat to fit 20 months

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  1. Wow! Just wow!
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by giantbrandon View Post
    great work champ, its good to see your nipples arnt puffy anymore mine worry me
    Im hoping my nipples lose their puffyness as i lose weight as well.. i dont believe I have gyno... no hard spots or anything

  3. Awesome transformation! Congratulations on your hard work and achievement.

  4. Wish we could see you face in the before pictures man, doesnt even look like you! Props to you man!

  5. great job!!!!

  6. doesnt even look like yoU!

  7. Damm bro you look great! keep up the good work! looking at you makes me want to train a hole lot harder.

  8. Great job!
    I'm curious about your routine. If you don't mind please share what you did for such amazing results.
    Did you take any supplements? What does your diet look like.
    I'm of similar build but having a hell of a time loosing that last 8% of bf.

  9. Somebody got Jacked
  10. BamaGuy1024
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    Incredible! You look so much younger after the transformation too. Keep it up - what an inspiration!

  11. Diet and nutrition I understand and supplements? Test boosters etc? Look great!

  12. please provide details on diet, supplements and training as i need to transform my body. similar situation when you first started. thanks in advance. how long did it take.

  13. Very nice work!

    It's funny, I used to be up around 250ish and my pics from then make me look old as f*ck too! Crazy how you can shed years off your age just by doing the right thing; being healthy!

    Congrats again and keep it up!


  14. Dude! You have just inspired me to stick to my goals. My will is a 110% stronger. Im 6'2" 240lbs and 20 years old. Again thanks for the inspiration man. Your hard work paid off, awsome job!

  15. My nipples get puffy and such from increased fat and PH use but they've NEVER increased in diameter.I'm always very cautious about claims from anybody and anywhere so I apologize if it is you but there even seems to be a chin difference...

    Either way, congrats.

  16. so what hormones did you use? judging by the hairline im going to guess Deca and test?

  17. wow very impressive. I was almost 240 and got down to 198 and looked NO WHERE how you do now. Very impressive transfromation.
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  18. damn good job

  19. good job man, yes nipple shrink when you lose a substantial amount of bodyfat

  20. Up the dose, push the most! Badass man way to go! Im lookin to post up my pix some time soon too!

  21. Good JOb ........ Give more details how u did it.

  22. I really wish i'd have done the before, but my after is about ready. That's an amazing turn around man, great job!

    I was literally in the same boat 7 months ago. In my teens and early 20's a I was seriously dedicated to lifting from all the sports I played, even a personal trainer briefly. I wasn't so much into nutrition, but at that age you don't have to be as much as in adulthood. I spent about 4 years as a professional gamer, another 2 playing World of warcraft and ate literally whatever I wanted. I too decided that enough was enough @ 5'9 225 27%bf. I looked terrible, i felt terrible, and for a guy who was 29, I was in bad shape. Now, just 7 months later I'm a much much fitter 195 and 17% bodyfat.

    I of course look better and feel better. I'm better at my job, I'm a better husband and have a much much better libido. It's like living another life, all from a little dedication and not so earth shattering dietary changes.

    Good show bro, I'm right behind you

  23. nice progress, i also think you look younger now. keep it up

  24. Very nicely done.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by rubberring View Post
    Solid transformation. Nice work.
    ea his transformations is great..... whats also great is that pic of your, BAMA football baby

  26. Awesome dedication! Bravo!

  27. gives me motivation, great job broskie

  28. wow pimpin man!

  29. holy christ!!! NICE WORK MAN!!

  30. great transformation. diet was on track.

  31. my lord! great job bro! good transformation 20 months!!

  32. Awesome transformation. Trying to do the same for my physique!

  33. Damn!! Thats good stuff right there

  34. I see that this is an old thread, but WOW what an amazing change. Wonder if the OP kept it up after all of this time.

  35. Nice! Good Job!


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