Pre Cycle Pictures

  1. Pre Cycle Pictures

    Sorry for the terrible camera i have!
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  2. Damn son, you got a really good base going on there.

    Do you have any prior AAS/PH experience?

  3. Yes.... i did a 4 week M1T cycle but that is it.... I am still working on the base still as you can see... currently about to start my second go around with something else! Only thing stopping me from competing soon is my waist

  4. My previous post came out wrong... I am bulking right now so when i cut. I am worried i will have to cut too much to get the abs and waist in line while maintaining size. I have been spending numerous hours online looking for possible answers to how i can perfect my diet and my daily routine to keep the waist in line to cut....

  5. :bruce3:

  6. man you look pretty good as is! nice base

  7. i have lots of work my friend :-) NOW time to rock that base!

  8. What cycle are you about to start?

  9. Xtreme tren bridge Mass Tabs 6 weeks then a nice long PCT into my cutting for the summer..... goals 240 by the end of this

  10. I have had my calories/carbs below maintenance along with my protein/veg/fats up for the past 3 weeks so when it comes time to start i can go all out

  11. great starting point, have you thought about running something really dry? Im not sure how jumbo you are trying to go?

  12. would havoc be considered dry to you or should i go as far as h drol?

  13. i am on 2 wet compounds again. the bloat is on nicely. worse than this pic

  14. I assumed tren was considered dry. Guess I'm wrong as usual

  15. i got to believe im carb sensitive. kinda sucks!

  16. good base bud

  17. beast!!!

  18. badass make sur eu post ur after pics too!
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