10 months before and after

  1. 10 months before and after

    This is 3 months after i started lifting
    12% BF, 142 lbs
    Max bench 135lbs
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    10 months after
    15.6 % BF, 155 lbs
    Max bench 205

    Should have had better results but at the beginning i was just effin around didnt really know what i was doin. Training and diet wise

    ***New updates coming soon
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  2. Good job on your progress!

  3. bump....

  4. good job man

  5. Great Job, mate!


  6. are you taking creatine bro? I would start if your not. I started out where you started after only 2 1/2 months i went up 25lbs. but great work. keep it up!

  7. Good job buddy!
    board supporter

  8. Quote Originally Posted by buster0371 View Post
    are you taking creatine bro? I would start if your not. I started out where you started after only 2 1/2 months i went up 25lbs. but great work. keep it up!
    yea i take it about every other month

  9. thnx for the comments guys i really appreciate it
  10. Thumbs up

    you keep up the good work buddy!..you will be alright.
    board supporter

  11. Lucking good. Keep up the dedication.

  12. just seems that everything is growing except my arms

  13. bump...

  14. Keep up the good work!

  15. nice!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by mxmatt15 View Post
    just seems that everything is growing except my arms
    first of all great job man! It shows a lot of people that have just started lifting and come here to get PH advice that a good diet, hard work, good workout routine, and a little creatine and Protein can go a long way.

    What does your workout schedule look like? what are you doing for arm lifts?

  17. Great progress so far! As for arm size, pullups (slow), close grip bench, skull crushers. Try to vary your training a bit in the arms if you aren't satisfied. Switch up the reps and weight a bit. If you are staying in the 10-12 rep range right now, try going down to 5 with more weight for a while. You will find your "guns groove" eventually lol. It is also possible that you may just be over training them.

  18. i was always doing 4X10-12 but now im trying the 5x5 routine have been doing it for about 2 weeks
    5x5 hammer curls
    5x5 alternate incline bicep curl
    5x5 close grip easy bar curl
    5x5 concentration curl

    5x5 close grip bench press
    5x5 overhead dumbbell extensions
    5x5 tricep pushdowns
    5x5 skull crushers

    also having short biceps defiantly does not help and makes my arm look really small where the forearm ends and bicep starts

  19. Looking good bud

  20. keep doing what youre doing!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  21. wow bro youve def gained a lot of upper body size. keep it up great work

  22. once again thank you for keeping me motivated and the compliments!!!

  23. update coming soon! should be up by friday

  24. Great progress

  25. Good job brah.. stick with it.

    I didnt make a lot of progress in the first year, but after 2 years of training you find out how your body works and will start to make real good progress. Go another year and ill bet you dont look like the same person..
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  26. i agree. ive been trying to get updates but been really busy lately

  27. Your bench press gains are insane! Literally took me years to go up that much! Great job man! Arms take a while to build! They don't grow as fast! Just keep hitting em hard! I can see your arms have grown quite a bit though! Keep it up! You are doing superb!

  28. looking good bro keep going!


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