Newbie GAINS

  1. Newbie Gains *UPDATED*

    Hey all I am a 20 year old HARD GAINER!!! I been working out on and off since i was 16. I took a year off, got HELLA skinny and now I've been back in the game for about a month and a half.

    I was about 135 before I started lifting right now im about 153 bls. butt naked.
    I'm 5'7".

    squat = 265
    bench = 225
    deadlift = 235 (the bar keeps slipping out of my hands after the first rep) could probably rep 3 times)

    wish i had before pics but i dont. just trust i was SKINNY!!!! Im a little buffer now that i was in those pics. Keep in mind i been working out for about a total of 1.5 months now.

    Protein - Iso Mass Extreme Gainer - before and after workouts
    Creatine - Darkmatter - after workouts
    Bcaa - before workouts
    Glutamine - after workouts
    ZMA - 3 pils 30 minutes before bed
    Multivitamin - mornings
    NO - Trac Extreme NO - before workouts

    Breakfast - 3 eggs, bannana, milk
    snack - milk, pastry
    Lunch - spegetti and meat balls, milk
    Pre Workout - Trac Extreme NO, protein, bcaa
    Post workout - Dark matter, Iso mass extreme gainer
    Dinner - Chicken, salad, veggies, bread, water
    Snack - PBJ 1.5 hrs before bed

    I think the reason why i packed on muscle soo fast is cuz of the Iso Mass Extreme Gainer and Dark Matter. The Iso Mass is bomb check it out. It has like everything you need!!!!! Also i can feel the ZMA. I been taking the ZMA for a month now and i can feel a difference in my test all day long and my sleep and recovery is a lot better!

    Im thinking of throwing Powerful and Prime by USP Labs into the mix. What do yall think? Sorry i got no before pics. Newest pics posted at bottom.
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  2. lookin pretty cut, must have decent genetics as well

  3. do i got gyno or WTF. in the first picture thats how it normally looks like. the second pic, i was cold LOL

  4. Lookin solid! Looks like you have a great base to build from.

  5. it just looks like your left pec is a little less developed than the right.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post
    it just looks like your left pec is a little less developed than the right.
    probably, i knowtice it a little bit when i switch to dumbells

  7. should i throw in DTHC into the mix or Prime? i just started taking powerfull a few days ago and MAN i feel it!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by buster0371 View Post
    should i throw in DTHC into the mix or Prime? i just started taking powerfull a few days ago and MAN i feel it!
    Too early IMO.

  9. shouldnt be too early for prime right?

  10. too early for either, save your money, spend it on more food for now

  11. will do!


  13. thinking of adding beta alanine to my arsenal or possably prime.

    when cutting ill add anabolic pump and possably lean fx

  14. looking pretty good.

  15. <---Jelious! Holy Ish... I would deff. not classify you as a hard gainer, especially looking like that and lifting what you can lift! And you say after only 1.5 months went from 135-153? Of course its prob noob gains just startin back but still Even after 2-3months i wouldnt be able to do that being a Hard Gainer myself, maybe half that or so in 3months with supps!

    Genectics looks good to me man! Your prob more a Meso with a bit of Ecto in ya IMPO! Keep on Goin! In a year at this rate youll be Ripped! And yes like everyone else has said get that Diet nailed down first befor movin on up. Keep it up!!!!!!!
  16. newbie gains

    add beta alanine. I been using it for 2 months and ****in love it. You will have so much energy and it makes your vascularity much more prominent! i use it once in morning, before workout and before bed. I believe it totals 6 grams a day. I got the NOW brand and it was only like 20 bucks for a good supply


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