Figured I would Post up

  1. Figured I would Post up

    Started trying to lose weight my senior year in high school from playing football. First pic was in tenth grade at Notre Dame's football camp when I was weighing about 285, 290...

    stayed like that until senior year when I needed to lose weight for powerlifting

    Pics after that are right now, weighing in at 223, 8 or 9 pounds heavier than I was before thanksgiving this past year

    edit: i dont have a high enough post count to post pics, so if someone wants to help me out and post these for me, i would greatly appreciate it

    editv2: finally

  2. You only need, like 25 posts I think. Just comment on some other peoples pics or something!

  3. just go post on other peoples ****, give some opions on their progress, you'll be able to post a pic in no time

  4. good job bro. im trying to post pics too...

  5. finally got the post count

  6. nice job dude, I was in similar predicament as you. I was a bit lighter at 245 tho.

  7. congrats man keep it up

  8. WoW man, now its time put on some LBM


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