6 year layoff

  1. 6 year layoff

    After a 6 year layoff and a broken femur where i had a metal rod in my leg for 14 months.Im now just able to do squats...I still look like crap but im on my way...

  2. you will be amazed on how fast things start going back together...

  3. What were your stats before your injury Madman? How did you break your femur? You're still massive man!
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  4. Still look pretty thick. Muscle memory is amazing, you'll see.

  5. it was a freak accident I was jogging and my leg went throgh a piece o f
    plywood and it snapped in two...Im 45 years old im 5'10" I weigh 290lbs
    my waist is 38 but going down....Thanks guys for the support i really appreciate it i will keep you updated I want to do 1 more show before I retire the 2004 New England Naturals is my target.....

  6. dude you are freakin huge!
    looks like youve held a lot of muscle, cant wait to see your progress pics!

  7. Originally posted by unreal
    dude you are freakin huge!
    looks like youve held a lot of muscle, cant wait to see your progress pics!
    Thanx man .....

  8. Lookin damn solid, more like 6 months off to me... Yer ganna put a lot back on really fast man.

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  9. Thanks Beast,your an inspiration to all of us......

  10. Hmmm. My femur's rodded but it'll never have to come out as far as I know.

    Best of luck to you.


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