Before and after, and before again! Lots of pics

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  1. Before and after, and before again! Lots of pics

    Hey guys, here's a stack of pics I took yesterday. I took them because I'm about to run a log for Animal M-Stack so I thought I should have some recent pics to use as a comparison.
    Just for fun, I've included some pics of me before I lost weight too. I'd love to hear people's advice and criticisms on my physique based on what you see here.
    Anyway, any reply is appreciated.

    And now how I USED to look:

    I have more before photos laying around if anyone wants to see
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  2. Thumbs up

    good job buddy!..what a transformation man!
    board supporter

  3. Wow, look like a completely different person. Good job!

  4. Nice work! I'm sure you feel much better about yourself now.

  5. That is an incredible transformation. Very awesome.

  6. ****
    i hope your getting laid more cause thats a seriously fkn awesome transformation!

  7. Thanks for all the compliments guys. It's awesome to got props from people who are as into bobybuilding as I am. We are always the harshest critics, what most people see as 'fit', we see as 'lagging delts' hahaha

  8. Here's some more before photos for ya, I was a lotta man!

  9. ps how long did it all take

    what was the weight loss roughly

  10. First of all, great transformation!
    Secondly, what was your main inspiration to lose weight? I'm just curious - I like to hear what drives some.
    Reps for sure.

  11. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to BBR again.


  12. You're a gentleman and a scholar Cub, we seem to have cause to rep each other quite a bit huh?
    Soseg ... I lost 65kg and it took about 14months. That equates to approximately a kilo a week for over a year. It's great to lose weight that fast, but now I have quite a bit of loose skin around my midsection.
    Iron Lungz .. Honestly man? I was miserable my whole life, I'd lie to myself and say that I "carried it well", but how "well" can you carry 141kg at my height! I began having heart problems and getting sick all the time. I went to the family doctor and he told me straight out, with no padding, if I didn't lose weight I'd be dead by the time I'm 40. To me, that wasn't f**king acceptable. That was when I decided it was time to lose weight.
    Now that I've lost it, I still have some health issues as a result. I have fatty liver disease (mild, but it's there), low iron and low testosterone. I was on Sustanon 250 but the dose was so low that they were willing to prescribe that it wasn't really doing anything. I decided to stop the injections because the frequent blood tests prevented me from using any supplements given that any 'higher than average' test readings would like very suspicious.
    Thanks again for all the compliments, it's awesome getting recognition by people such as yourselves.

  13. That's unreal. I know a few guys at the gym who have dropped a considerable amount of weight and they also have loose skin around their midsection. What ways, apart from surgery, are there to try and tighten it up a bit? What about Bio-Oil or Vitamin-E cream? Both are meant to be good for stretch marks too. There's probably threads on the issue. I'll have to have a look.

  14. give it time first i think with the lose skin it will even out with time but as to how much? time will tell

    the best thing is your comfortable in a shirt etc so who gives how you look at the beach thats only a bonus

    i lost 20kg when i was 14 coz i was a bit chubby so ive been there... but ive never managed to get ripped or abs sticks around the chest etc but being 183cm tall.... i could drop into the low 70s and look stick thin so **** it... im bulking up... then ill ask the pro's how to cut down to 8% or less and try maintain as much muscle

  15. Yeah, I've come to the realisation that with this skin I will never be ultra ripped, at least not around the midsection. My only option is to stack on massive amounts of lean mass and hope it fills out.
    Cub .. I've used lots of creams etc. but nothing seems to work. My problem is that I have so much loose skin that I doubt it will never totally elasitcise back in. Realistically if I wanted to look 'normal' I'd need surgery. $13000 for a tummy tuck though is a lot of supplements!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BBR View Post
    $13000 for a tummy tuck though is a lot of supplements!
    Haha! You have no choice then. We need to lean-bulk you up!

  17. It would certainly seem that way!

  18. That is f***ing AMAZING

    GREAT work and Im sure you busted ya ass to get there man!!


  19. Awesome work! I am curious about how your face looks because you look much older than 25 in the second set of "before" pics. It is amazing how much younger people look when they drop wt.

    You are so lean yet muscular, more like a person that was skinny before and then bulked up. Usually people feel satisfied when they drop the wt and look good in comparison. You definitely were not satisfied to simply lose wt, you got RIPPED!

  20. Great transformation buddy. You look like a completely different person!

  21. Thanks guys No I wasn't satisfied to just drop the fat. I always wanted to be a 'fit guy' but never thought it was possible. I had it in my head that my ultimate goal in life was to have a 6-pack, but I've since set my goals higher than that hahaha.
    I honestly think if I hadn't hit the weights, I wouldn't have lost as much weight and I probably just would've ended up being saggy and soft.
    There's a lot to be said for cardio in conjunction with diet and weights, rather than just cardio and diet. I think weights are severely overlooked in weight loss programs. The boost to metabolic rate etc. are incredibly helpful.
    I also didn't realise how old I looked in those before pics until you just pointed it out. Weird hey? People usually associate 'baby fat' with being young etc, but I just looked tired and miserable.

  22. My change has not been quite as dramatic, but I still don't have my diet 100% in check. I agree with you on the weight loss only thing. I was doing that at first and dropped quite a bit of weight and just looked soft. I then changed my outlook and wanted to look solid with muscle tone. I know my philosophy shift has cost me some lbs, but I am stronger and more fit than I was at my lightest weight.

  23. serious progress!

    i want fat mans calves. and your biceps

  24. Awesome transformation man.

  25. Hahaha, the downside to fat man calves is having to be fat to get them


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