BigVrunga gets a camera!

  1. BigVrunga gets a camera!

    Ive been on this board for a while and nobody's seen my face. So here ya go. Girlfriend snapped this one while I was comming out of the shower...I saw the camera and put on my best "Im a big bad motherfu*ker" face. I love all this mass, but I can't wait to cut down. Still a year or so away, though.

    Currently at 227# and working towards 245-250. I started two years ago at 170#, around the same body fat %. I did a 4week T1 cycle 9 months ago and went from 205 to 225. Kept it all, but havent gained much in terms of LBM - been working way too much.

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  2. looking big bro

  3. Thanks man! I actually havent been able to lift heavy for about 6 weeks now, been recovering from a chest injury. I pulled a tendon, or damaged catilige, either way it sucked. Got another two weeks to go and I should be back on track.

  4. yehh i hate that ...i pulled a muscle in my back a month or two a go and i could barely stand up...alls better now though

  5. Hey BigV, looking solid

    another 20lbs or so and you'll be damn big boy

  6. Lookin good man!

  7. Thanks for the kind words guys...Another 20lbs is the goal. In the end Id like to be a ripped 210 - 215, which I think 250 at my current bodyfat will definately get me. That should be easy enough to maintain naturally.

    Im thinking of another T1 cycle around Feburary, and I think I can hit 230-235 naturally by then.



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