My Progress Pics one year story

  1. My Progress Pics one year story

    Hey wuts up guys and gals. Im fairly new here. Ive enjoyed this site VERY much and it has been of great help to me and a great source of motivation and info. Here is my one year transformation . I pretty much started off at a very flabby 170. Could barely bench my weight. I decided to just go ahead and bulk up 1st. I jumped up to 206-207 on a 6000 cal diet liftn heavy. Ended my 1st cut at around 175. I then went on another bulk and ened up at around 183-185. Im currently on my 2nd cutt and around 179.

    I have to thank every one at AM you guys stand out among all the others.

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  2. here are some more
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  3. srry for the double pics im new at this haha

  4. Looks like good progress to me

  5. Well done buddy, keep it up.

  6. thx guys ....this is 4 sure a lifestyle change for me summthn i enjoy doing and allways look foward to.
  7. a few more

    i had just started my 2nd cut bout 2 weeks ago. But due to a injury/minor surgery i wont be able to do much cardio at all. So for the next couple months i`ll have to stick to weight training. Right now im still under some pain but i cant hold the gym off much longer. If i cant take time off work why should i take time off the gym.
    Pain is just weakness leaving the body ......right ??? HAHA
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  8. noticeably leaner.. gj

  9. Yeah much leaner, whatever your goal is, and im guessing, leaning out, getting ripped, your getting there, you have a lot of potential!!!!

  10. I noticed the flak vest in one of your pics ( not to mention the Spartan living quarters ) you in? or just doing contract work over in the sandbox?

    Btw good job on the transformation, what's your daily regiment consist of ( workouts, supps )

  11. Wow gj bro much leaner and it looks like you built up your chest and arms too! Reps to you!

  12. Great transformation. You doing any specific diet, workout or supplements? Nice lean muscle gains and bf% drop. I dig the tat as well!

  13. thx alot guys im doing my best. yeah im in iraq been here for bout 4 years now. im a jerrv tech for the e.o.d. soldiers. bout my diet and work out well. i take in bout 250 grams of protien and eat as clean as possible. nuthn fried no fast food almost never any breads or pastas. lottsa chikn fish and turky and green veggies. as for the work out ... i do my normal weight training 5 days a week i go as heavy as possible but almost never have a spotter so i do lotts of dumbell workouts. and for cardio i do 4-6 days a week 30-60 mins altho right now cant do any cardio cus of a injury but as soon as i get better i`ll start back up. im still hittn the weights tho.
    Thanks so much guys

    oh and the tatts lol i got them in the philippines on my last vacation heheee

  14. yea much leaner
    your nipples nipples were weird as before haha but now ur leaner so its good
    great work

  15. nice prog.

  16. Great gains bro! Keep it up! You look A LOT leaner!

  17. THX Alot guys much appreciated

  18. Lookin good dude!! If nipples are troubling you bring your chest out a bit and that may help.. RIGHT ON DUDER!! Keep up the good work.

  19. Nice transformation bro, great job!


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