Offseason Pics

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  1. Offseason Pics

    Hey guys, ive started a thread in another section and have been posting for two weeks and really havent gotten any looks so i was hoping this would help. I just got out of football season and this is where my body is at. Looks like crap now but gonna make major improvemnets. The log is going to follow my entire off season this year and just wanted to get some more input and help...

    Well heres the pics at 225ish and super bloated. Taken at nite. I look terrible, but i havent been able to do cardio because of a hamstring injury.

    take a look at the log please and help out....thanks

    the three after pics are below
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  2. You're lookin' pretty solid. Keep at it. I mean, you look strong, and since you play football, you've obviously got good cardio/agility. A lot of strong guys ain't got that.

  3. What are your measurements? arms/legs? Just interested in comparing, thanks.

    And you got any leg pics?

  4. dude i aint going to legs yet...frankly embarrased. Tore my left hammy last year then my right a month ago. My legs were sick last febuary sqautted 540 and deadlifted 550 for 4. They are 26 inches now and my biceps are 16.25. The legs are small, gonna start rehab december 12 and hopefully doing legs by jan 12. Maybe ill take a pic tommorw well see, just upset my big cuts in my hammys gone..

  5. Hey man;
    You look like you're in a great place to make some solid gains and get cut up. Nice overall shape & thickness - with some attention on the diet and workouts you'll do well. keep it up bro!

  6. Yeah the diet aint terrible, but once i can start running again its gonna be sweet. The abs arent looking great....i dunno if u can see but theres a one inch incision under my belly button from last year where i had hernia surgery. That really took away from my abs and theres a bunch of scar tissue there

  7. actaully biceps are 16.5... at least the right one its grown .25 in the last 5 weeks.

  8. just as a comparison this is where i was at last year at 222 deadlifting close to 600 and running a lot
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    just as a comparison this is where i was at last year at 222 deadlifting close to 600 and running a lot
    Leaner there of course. I guess you are trying to put on some size?

  10. trying to get back where i was i lost a ton of strength with a hernia surgery and two torn hamstrings

  11. I feel you brother. Check this shiz out. Where do you play at? I tried to play college ball, missed first year because of torn right ACL. Then when I finally got back in shape and ready to go, I tore Left ACL, Meniscus and MCL. The UNHAPPY TRIAD!! They did a Patellar Tendon Graft, 7 months into rehab finally getting some strength back and GOOD cardio on, you know getting back in shape, damn graft fails. 2nd surgery a month later, this time a Allograft (cadaverous tissue)
    Same freaking thing wouldnt you know?? Exactly 7 months later, Graft kinda collapsed on itself. I also had heart surgery, and a hernia repair. So I had some pretty major stuff happen over 3 years. Needless to say I spent more of the last 3 years recovering then kicking ass in the gym!
    The point I'm trying to make without making this too painfully long (but necessary) is never freakin give up man. You look awesome! And if you were that strong before, it will definitely come back! Just make sure, especially that you are a football player, that you are training for your sport and not bodybuilding. Don't make the mistake many people make!! Your body wil look amazing, when you're done with football for good. then get into bodybuilding
    You really have inspired me to get my pics up here and start a log. But I think I'm gonna take pics then start. I am 6' even and 225. I used to be 10% BF, and now I'm about the same weight and 20% BF. What does that tell you? LOL
    Good luck man!! Watch those Hammys! If you want any help, I have a lot of experience with getting back into the gym and rehabbing safely but effectively! PM me

  12. thanks a lot man...i play d-3 ball at a small school in pennsylvania. We were ranked top five at the beggining of the year..Id write the exact name but im afraid of getting in trouble for admitting to using ncaa banned compounds. Im sorry to hear about your injuries man, thats just terrible and i know how frustrating the whole process is. Its impossible to explain to anyone who hasnt gone through it. I know my injuries arent nearly as bad as yours but i know how haard it is to get back. I shattered my jaw last year and lost 40 pounds during football season and got redshirted for the year. That was really rough and hard on me.

    Im trying my butt off to get back and have my hamstring heal up. tonite i finally began progressing into some bodyweight lunges and split squats and things and hopefully it feels good tommorow. Im doing PT over my christmas break and hopefully i can make it back. I think the most frustarting thing about being hurt though is having ure body not represent how hard u work and coaches thinking ure not good....that kills me. I dont want that to happen this year and it wont!!! As u said "never give up" Most people can never understand truly being tested unless they go things like this i guess.

  13. I just took my before pics, but they are too embarrasing to post yet. Just keep a look out about 4-6 weeks from now when I have at least an update and something started!! LOL
    I just got to doing a full revolution on a stat. bike 3 days ago. So I'm "this" close to being able to start cardio. I will admit this 3rd time in a row...I got really depressed. I went from crushing 225 22 times on the bench, and squating 600 lbs, to now...I can only bench 225 once, and obviously I can't even squat.
    So being down and out like I have been I should have had a super clean diet right? But enough calories so my body will devote all it's resources to healing, well I definitely got enough calories, the taco bell and kfc variety LOL
    Just find your motivation BUT be smart!! I wish I knew back when I was 16-20 years old what I did now. Our highschool was so old school. All we did was squat and bench. I had mad overdeveloped quads and weak hams! No wonder my knees were F'd from the start! Don't be in a rush! Your body will remember what it's capable of in due time brother, let it heal before you push too hard! Don't worry about looks right now while your playing ball, function right? besides a couple extra pounds never hurts when you smash the piss out of someone. and leave them laying there gasping for air but they can't breathe through the damn mucous you forced outta their nose and throat!

  14. hey pavb.. do you know a freshman named pat crann.. im pretty sure he goes to school.. im from nj.. no to far

  15. im from jersey to, i dont know anyone by that name though. Where do they go to school?

  16. i took pics yesterday with no significant difference at all...ill wait another couple weeks to post again

  17. Keep the faith bro. Lookin solid. Like dunk said make sure your trainin for your sport. You ever happen to play Lincoln? D-2 college up there in PA.

  18. Thanks man, yeah just trying to get my body back after an entire season. Making some good progress so far. d-3 teams in our conference ussually never play d-2 teams so. no. But we may try and play a d-1aa team in the future. We were ranked top ten and top five at one point so we could def hang with those guys.

  19. a couple pounds heavier and the hamstring is progressing
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  20. bad quality pic, but up from 224 to 235
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  21. Good deal man. Haven't heard from ya in a while, but sounds like you've been busy. How's the hamstring and pec?
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  22. the hamstring is getting better....sprinted yesterday and its okay..almost ready for spring ball. The pec is alrite. still gets real sore after benching but my bench is up at 250 for 12 now so thats pretty solid.

  23. Great progression

  24. thanks yeah gonna post some pics 236 trying to cut down to like 230. still having hammy problems though.

  25. Bummer about your hamstring still. Think you'll be good for the season?
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