Offseason Pics

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  1. yeah hopefully. ill be working with a physical therapist all summer. i dunno its a super bad injury

  2. I know we talked about this before, but besides phys. therapy have you ever just given it true time off and rest to heal? Before you would take it easy, but still be fairly active with it.
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  3. yeah i have tryed giving time off for it. That really doesnt seem to be the problem actually. I met with the physical tehrapist yesterday and he said my glute is not firing at all. This apparently puts an incredible amount of stress on my hamstring. I had orginally hurt my glute and it hasnt really been working right since. He put me through a bunch of excercises where my glute should have been firing and nothing. So the goal i guess for the first part of the summer will be to turn that glute on and get it firing again. That will hoepfully take the strain off the hammy and let it get beter.

    I really dont know tho. Im meeting again with him monday. Im doing spring ball right now and its killing me and my spot on the depth chart. I may just sit the next three weeks and do some corrective stuff til summer when im home to work with the physical therapist. Its a tough...def a catch 22.

  4. That's crazy. Best of luck bro, I'm sure it's been frustrating.
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  5. a little bulkier about 236-237
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  6. arite so many months later here im at 237ish up from the low 220's
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  7. wow my arms were 16.25 when i started this....My right bicep is 17 2/16 now and my left is like 16.6 or so

  8. What school do you attend in Pennsylvania, bro?

  9. cant really say. dont want any ncaa violations getting back

  10. Excellent progression. Still hittin' it hard?

  11. yeah hitting it even harder now. I took pictures today, but still look basically the same. I got a new log up over in the supplement log section...dermacrine log sponsored by PP.

  12. three finals pics....weighin in at 241 or so. the posing sucks btw
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