What would me bodyfat be?

  1. What would me bodyfat be?

    Hey guys, I was 141kg and now I'm 81. I've got a lot of loose skin which makes using calipers to test body fat impossible. I was hoping that some of you more experienced trainers would be able to estimate my bodyfat percentage for me based on looks alone. I know it will only be a rough guess, but it's better than what I have to work with at the moment! Please check out my pics below and give me an estimate. If you look, you can see where the loose skin starts in spot, particularly on my gut. I've got the skin tucked into my underwear.

    I know my body isnt great, but it's better than it was!

    EDIT: For the record, here's what I used to look like:

    Believe it or not, I was bigger than that at one stage.
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  2. i'm guessing 9.5%

    separation of your delts indicate that. highly visible bicep vein pegs you at 10.5 or less. no fat on legs, vague abs.

    you can get that water test thing done, though i'm not sure how accurate it is.

  3. Try to find a place that has a bodpod

  4. Ok guys thanks, is that where they use water displacement or something to test bodyfat?
    I honestly thought my bodyfat was like 18-20% or something.

  5. Body Fat Info, hope this helps too.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by BBR View Post
    Ok guys thanks, is that where they use water displacement or something to test bodyfat?
    I honestly thought my bodyfat was like 18-20% or something.
    You're definately not 18-20% man. I'd say around 10. Awesome work!!

  7. Thanks so much mate. It's been a lot of work! I'd look better if it werent for all the loose skin!

  8. Man you look awsome - very lean - I don't se the loose skin altthough i am sure you can feel it.

    Great work! add some muscle to your frame and you be a beast!

  9. My problem is that I put on fat really easily! Muscle and fat gain seem to go hand in hand for me. All that time obese has messed my body up, including fatty liver disease and low testosterone levels.
    I'd love to put on muscle, but I have this built in terror now of putting any fat on. Seriously, the idea makes me sick to my stomach because I never want to go back to being fat.

  10. ^^^^ well if you have low test - see if you can get your doc to prescribe some for u. That would be the perfect solution. If not you can always look into gear. I'm 49 and I added muscle in the last few months with a simple test cycle. If you want something legal - there are ph's - might want to read up on fatty liver - I know the oral steriods are hard on the liver.

    Seriously, though u look great - you could stay ther, )But if you're like me.... u prolly want to get buff!) hahahaha - the male ego - gotta love it!

  11. Hahaha, ego is a pain in the ass!
    As for being prescribed test, I already am. I'm on 50mg of transdermal test every day. It may be going up dependent upon my next blood test result.
    In regards to fatty liver, apparently mine isn't too bad. I'm just careful with how much I drink etc. In time it should repair itself provided I dont stack the fat back on. After all, it was the fat that caused the problem in the first place.
    The triglycerides in my blood are low now, which is good for my liver. Fingers crossed it continues to 'heal'.
    I know I'm not 'big', but I have decent arms and I've put on about 5kg of muscle since getting to my skinniest. I dare say I have close to the best arms at my gym. I just need more overall size. As I said though, for me size = fat.

  12. so whats your plan now? are you going to get surgery to remove the excess skin, or are you going to fill it up with muscle?

  13. I'm heading for the muscle approach mate. After doing some research, the surgery route doesn't appeal to me at this stage for a number of reasons, financial and personal.
    Provided I can get my hands on a decent SERM, I know where I'm going. It's just very difficult to get your hands on SERMs in Australia.

  14. Good plan, dude - I'm sure you'll be able to pack on some muscle lifting heavy. You just have to watch the diet more closely than a skinny guy would.

    Awsome work,bro! Btw - yeah - nice guns! Do some work on the tri's - skullcrushers are my favorite.

  15. Thanks man, you're right, I definately need to be more careful than most. As for my tri's (and everything else) they probably wont grow much unless I get past my fear of fat and start eating more.


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