1. 2gcorey

    i'm now ptc off m1t and will start up on the 25 and take some after pics...everything in here now is of me currently at 187lbs. i hope to be 200lbs on m1t then retake pics. i did a few small vids cause they show size better i think

    is where my pics are at. i'm not huge, but i've only been donig this 4 months total. big thx to destro, bobo, chemo for answering my dumb questions in private and in my threads

  2. Look good man, in a strictly hetero way.

    My suggestion would be to make incline chest exercises you main chest movement. You chest is lacking compared to the rest of you especially you upper chest.
    Also focus on you back. it is lean but it lacks mass. Need to thicken up those lats.

    These are just changes that i would try to make. another 13lbs will put some good muscle size on you. lift big man and you will get there

  3. thank you, thats what i was looking for. i'll defniately do incline chest stuff. i've been doing incline dumbells, but not with the bar, i'll slow down on the bench and go to the incline bench. thank you! we don't have a row machine in our gym, but i'm improving for my lats, i'll pick it up a bit though...thx again

  4. some damn good size corey...how talk are you cuz you're look real good at 187lbs

  5. If no lat. mach. then do weighted pullups or just pullups. Pullovers and barbell rows will add thickness.

  6. looking pretty ripped bro. hope to see you able to add that extra poundage your looking for this time around.
    good luck

  7. thank you size, i'll definately add pullups into my routine and incline fly's on my stomach should help my back? i really appreciate it.

    i am 5'10"

  8. Incline fly on you back are going to help you rear delts more than anything. However, most people's rear delts are lacking, myself included, so it is not a bad idea.


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