progress pics every 4 weeks

  1. progress pics every 4 weeks

    I haven't been around for a while, but I have kept up with a good workout and diet. Im looking for some critique to help me improve. Im still a rookie here but definitely improving so help me out. im about 2 weeks past this pic. gonna start with pics every 4 weeks.
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  2. How about the wheels?

  3. My legs need improvements @ every muscle, ill save those when their almost caught up.

  4. looking good bro, my legs to lack...most do. Mines cuz of injury :P I love squats!!!! so we get to see another in 2?

  5. Yeah every 4 weeks, I havent been tracking my size or strength gains in the past. So im gonna start now writing everything down and taking measurements, and comparing the pics.

  6. Nov 9th pic update

    Here im about 3 weeks past the last pic, i had to take about a week off due to a lower back injury. ive also been off my cretin and bcaa's for like 2 weeks but im about to hit it hard 110% again starting today so ill keep the post coming.
    I also got my BF compostion right before my lower back strain @7%
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  7. Nice. I say work more on the chest and traps.

  8. better lighting

  9. yeah my traps def need help, ive improved them much from earlier this summer but still find it almost to be my hardest muscle to gain.
    yeah i took these pics from my computer next pic session ill use a real camera, and take some back and leg photos as well. I also pulled my lower back muscle again, and decided to take a full 2 weeks off and just started the gym again (light) today. so once i get back in gear ill show you guys where I am at.


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