My triceps

  1. Angry My triceps

    I hate my triceps are they really that bad?? i think it just the way the muscle belly is shaped. something i cant change.


  2. no, same as mine.

  3. The second pic looks alot better, because it shows the back of it and that's where you hold more size.

  4. Nothing There Mate

  5. Quote Originally Posted by devilsadvo View Post
    Nothing There Mate

    what do you mean my tricep is soo small it doesnt exist? lol.

  6. He means if you add more mass to them, you'll actually see them instead of them just looking like 'cuts.'

  7. i think you need to add one workout to your tricep routine. its a rope pushdown. at the bottom of the rep, squeeze your triceps till your elbows lock.

    i'd need a better picture to tell what you're unhappy about, i assume its just extending the tricep down to your elbow.

    rear tricep looks pretty solid.

  8. You have high triceps.Take a look at powerlifters triceps and see the development at the elbow.Thats from locking out big weight.I would prescribe close grip benches,rack lockouts,floor presses,dips and elbows out extensions.Go over to elitefts for an exercise description for the elbows out ext.Also try some two and three board presses.Train your triceps on a different day than chest too.


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