1. Talking Pics TGASS

    That's me man, need eat more.....hehe

    just give a opinion, what else i need???
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  2. Nice abs and vascularity. Lots of posts in the nutrition forum on lean mass bulking that would put on muscle, but maintain most of your vascularity and abs. If you're a hardgainer, I'd recommend checking out Iron Addict's posts in the training forum.


  3. You have a really good base to build on. Great abs, I wish mine were like that. Just ad some size and you will be doing great.

  4. Chest and abs look great. Need some work on the shoulders and arms. Lift hard and eat hard man, you got great potential.

  5. Where's the legs?

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  6. Your a well defined skinny bastard I give you that.

    Like manbeast said, whats up with the wheels?

    All and all, eat more food, lift more weight and maybe one day you too will become Mr.O.


  7. Hehe thanx guy, i realy need to eat more, and i got to start work on my legs......

  8. whats your BF? Your exactly where I want to be.

  9. EAT

  10. I have something about 5-7% BF......


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