Six week cycle = 33 lbs (pictures)

  1. Six week cycle = 33 lbs (pictures)

    Don't respond to this and say these products are too expensive because what you spend on quality food on a cycle should pale in comparison to what you spend on the hormones themselves!

    I ran my first ever prohormone cycle 10 weeks ago. I used a stack of syngex I and II for four weeks. I had only planned on going for four weeks, but I was gaining so fast, I didn't want to stop. I then used Mag-10 for two weeks just to compare. I went from 155 lbs on the first day of my cycle (picture-obvious) to 188 on the last day of my cycle (picture-black shorts). Now, four weeks later, I am at 185 (picture was taken yesterday). I really think that the only weight I lost was a little water...What do you think? The only side effects I experienced was a little acne on my upper cheeks and swollen ankles.

    I have been off for four weeks and I am about to start my new cycle. Let me know what you think.

    -Syngex I (4cc twice a day = 1 serving)
    -Mag 10 (3 caps twice a day = 1 serving)
    -4HT cypionate (1 serving twice a day)

    I know that Syngex I and Mag-10 are a combo of 1-test/4AD, but I liked them both, so I thought I would double up and just combine them. Essentially, I am just double dosing.

    I am thinking about doing a competition in late February. I have never done one before, so I would apreciate any good advice. Be as brutal as you like.

  2. Before picture

    AT 155

  3. Immediately Post Cycle

    At 188
  4. After PCT

    At 185
  5. Legs

    A shot at my Legs

  6. Sorry-Legs

    These are my Legs

  7. Excellent gains, man. How tall are you btw?

    Keep it up!

  8. Keep it up bro, You definitly have the potential to be a big guy if you are willing to work at it. Post some stats. Im not normally one to say this but you probably could have gained alot of that weight off just a good diet and routine. The only reason I say this is because I dont know much about you but from the pics you dont look to be like some of the shorties in here. With your height and only being 155 to start weight could have been gained fairly easily without PHs IMO. No 30lbs in six weeks but you would have gained pretty good anyways. But hey great work bro.

    Now did I miss your post cycle or did you not run one. You really need to get one for your next cycle because no only is it safe practices but the heavier you get the hardier it is to gain and the hardier it is to maintain gained weight from cycling.

    And no offense but you should really shop around. Im not saying that the stuff you used is garbage but there is much better for the money and since you like spending money Im sure Legalgear or Powernutrition would be more then willing to hook you up with much better stuff at much better prices.

    All n all, looking good, keep it up.


  9. Bump.... Looking good bruh.... Whats the height?

  10. the advice you got on mayhem is everything i would have said and more! now keep on eating!


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