1. It!

    old pictures.
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  2. Ta da! my prized possesions.

    I will go play in traffic now.
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  3. Very nice Psycho and even better signature

  4. beh check out the company logo.
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  5. LMAO! Very nice hhaha

  6. Nice company logo. Let me know when shares are available on the DJIA.
  7. Talking Dez!

    Dez! What are you doing here?! I noticed PeteFox is here too! Wow... I feel like I'm in an alternate universe.

    I'll try to keep my antics more subdued over here.

    - Skip

  8. Hahaha welcome to the forum skip!

    Its a new place for a fresh start.

    Till i get MY forum up

  9. kewl to see ya here bro...alotta familiar names here....


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