NO WaYY!!!

  1. NO WaYY!!!

    Thats sick.
    I just read what pheromones are.
    Doesnt sound too realistic tho.
    Anyone have good experiance with pheromones.

  2. My husband uses them every day and they definitly sway the favor his way. Though they are not a given, I have to be open to him and not pissed off. If I'm already mad well they do not sway

  3. yeah,
    anyone who has yet to try them but wants to, needs to realize that they more or less act like a chemical amplifier for whatever energy you're already sending out. If you're already very confident, they may make you seem cocky and full of yourself. If you give off a loner vibe, you may seem even more aloof and unapproachable, etc etc. they'll bring out the bad as much as they do the good qualities in you, much as crader has already attested to. You need to be sure to wear them on days where you've already got yourself in check if need be and/or at a time where you're already looking sharp and feeling good. Good manners are appreciated more than usual.
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