the dog in me

  1. the dog in me

    I applied some pheromones and went to the bar. I should have known what I was in for because before I left my house I was drinking some beers playing Maddens and my dog was whimpering and whining.

    I got to the bar and got really drunk. I ended up being one of the last ones to leave and found myself standing outside talking to the town weirdo.

    On my walk home, I heard a few barks and howls and then all of a sudden:donut: I saw a big giant donut man walking towards me saying come here little boy. I was scared. No actually, I heard nails clicking on the pavement behind me like a demon from hell. I turned around and this big damn german sheppard was coming full tilt at me.

    I sheeeeeerked. In a clatter, the dog jumped on its hind legs at me and tackled me to the ground and it was humping my backside like there was no tommorrow. As he stood over me with his cum dripping off his **** I thought these pheromones really work I gotta get me some more.

  2. (Test Post)

  3. i dont know what to say but that sounds like a hell of shi tty nite

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