Has anyone noticed lasting pheros effects?

  1. Has anyone noticed lasting pheros effects?

    From the phero's that you use, have you noticed any permanent or semi-permanent changes in personality or demeanor with short or long term usage of the pheros?

  2. I've noticed some lasting effects like feeling just a little more self confidence and a little better mood along its helping me develop more smooth flowing conversational skills.

    I've been using female magic mostly(instant openess occasionally too) and one day I saw my friend and didn't have any on and yet things still felt similar to when I do have it on, of course not completely, I get form real pheromone reviews still I think using pheremones really is helping me improve myself in alot of ways and continues to help to improve my social and conversational skills along with self esteem and self confidence

    Its so cool to read that others are noticing these kinds of self improvements too

  3. Well I guess the lasting effects is only in our minds. Pheromone eventually wears off and what is left is the thought of we applied it.

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