I think I got reverse NPA for men...

  1. I think I got reverse NPA for men...

    I usually just read but I thought I would share my experience with NPA for men. Here goes...

    Today while ordering my lunch, this gay guy said I smelled edible . I was just wearing a dab of NPA for men. This stuff is soooo strong that one dab is enough for applying behind both my ears. that is the only attention I got today from this stuff. Not that there is anything wrong with gay guys, I'm just saying, maybe I got the reverse NPA or maybe the "for men" part was a bit too literal... anyone care to chip in...?

  2. haha funny story!
    i seem to be a gay magnet period!! i dont know why. its strange, my wife says its because i dont judge them or ignore them. i have several gay friends and they say its the same thing. either way its unwanted attention.

  3. yeah, you are right. do you use NPA? this stuff is waaaayyy tooooo strong!!!! at the rate its going and the amount I use, this will last me forever! I cover the hole with my finger and turn it upside down and right side up. that small amount, less than a drop, is too much for me. I am just curious what other people think...

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