To much choice...which one is right for me...

  1. To much choice...which one is right for me...

    oke here is the deal.

    I've recently read allot about pheromones and i know there is a chemical proces in the brains etc etc...i know since i have a ****load of friends that study pharmacy, medicine, hell even one of my friends is a senior student surgeon (brain surgeon is what he eventually wants).
    never the point of view...yes there is a chemical proces in the brain, activated by pheromones.
    Never the less im a pretty sceptic guy since i also believe in common sense and modern adapted behavior of the modern human, which can also be seen as...we're not animals (anymore).

    never the less i want to give it a go. My goals are simple.

    I want to get more attention, be noticed since i'm a person that doesn't easily takes the first step when im not sure the girl is going to appreciate it. I need a little thing to get a bit more confidence... a look, a know..the little things.

    I'm not LOOKING to get laid. Hell if it happens it happens..oke thats fine. but im more a person that believes in love. If there is no real connection, its nothing for me. just nice know someone new. So basicly...again, im just looking for the first contact..a smile, a look, maybe a touch...just something so i know they don't mind me hanging around, talking to them etc.

    oke...those 2 were for meeting new people.....and have a fun time with them. whatever happens next...happens.

    But i also have another thing.
    My ex girlfriend.... We broke up a few weeks ago. She broke up with me. She still cared for me, still "loved" me, but more in a way she loves a very close friend, that "one" thing..that chemistry wasn;t there anymore. I had a hard time with it but thats over now...i just want to stay close friends that we where before we began a relation. thats also what she wanted when we broke up but i noticed that she keeps more distance then before we had a relation. She's probably not really comforable when she's with me. Probably since she realizes that i had a pretty hard time with it.

    What i want with her....i want my best friend back ! i just want her to feel at ease again with me. touches me again as a friend you know....real close friends.
    Maybe pheromones can help here. (And well, oke if there happens know, for good old times... i would't mind )

    Oke..that was a pretty long story ...

    But now my problem...i want to give pheromones a chance, i do not expect wonders from it, but just that little extra thing i mentioned before to give me a good feel before i go for it if you know what i mean.

    What is a good choice for me ?
    Since im the netherlands (europe) its not really easy to get all the products that i read about on the net. Also i read allot of different things about every product, its just marketing i assume.
    Another thing...I REALLY appreciate it to use my own colone :-)

    oke, products im thinking about...

    - Alter Ego
    0,020% Androstenone
    0,015% Androstenol
    0,010% Androsterone
    Total: 7.5ml with 3.375mg pure pheromenons

    - Pherogel
    13 mg total gel

    - AFA for men
    0,020% Androstenol
    0,020% Androstenone
    total 7,5ml with 3mg pure pheromenons

    - Primal Instinct
    0,044% Androstenone
    total 10ml with 5mg pure pheromenons

    - PPA passion for men
    0,015% Androstenone
    Total: 15ml with 2,25mg pure pheromenons

    -Charisma Shots
    0,020% Androstenol
    0,020% Androstenone
    total 0,14 mg pure pheromenons

    I like to experiment with some of these. Which would be best for the first "click" ? Im thinking of Primal instinct and maybe Alter ego

    And which one for the "problem" with my ex
    Im thinking of AFA, alter ego, Charisma Shots . and maybe Primal instict.

    But i'm a REAL noob with these things...what do YOU guys think ? Im a pretty avarage guy, 22 years old, not really goodlooking but not bad either... i just seem to need that little extra thing to get a bit more confidence. it seems that when i see that im beeing appreciated by a girl..that my confidence gets a big boost and that everything turns out in a good way, its just that i need to get to that level..

    Maybe there are other suggestions.... i've read here about Edge and Pherlure... those are a bit harder to get for me but how do they fit my list ? are they about the same.....way better or worse experience ? Pherlure is a bit of a no go since i cannot use my own colone..

    I would really appreciate any comments...

  2. Oh btw, im 22, the girl i was talking about is 20. i Like the range of 20-23 years old....

    anybody ?

  3. yo im in the same boat you are ive just been reading and researching them so far but i just ordered a few packs of chrika from so ill let you know how that works when i get it in

  4. For young guys Scent of Eros is quite popular. Its -nol and -rone based, so ideal for getting chatty with girls. It will give a sociable, friendly and masculine presence.

    Anything -none based will give you the 'alpha-male' presence, if you apply an 'alpha-male' like behaviour ( and i don't mean acting a jackass ).

    NPA is a v.popular product, as is PI, due to their high concentration of -none. Be very careful with these products, as application resulting in a 'OD' will get the girls running in the opposite direction. A couple of dabs of these products should be sufficient.

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